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one of two or more atoms with the same atomic number but with different numbers of neutrons

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This new facility will enable us to more efficiently produce and ship Cesium-131 isotope to meet the growing demand from physicians and patients," said Girard.
The only sources of the isotope in the United States were particle accelerators at DOE labs, where copper-67 was occasionally made by piggybacking its production onto some other activity--typically a physics or nuclear-weapons experiment.
Measurement of 18O and 15N of nitrogenous compounds dissolved in precipitation water samples combined with additional environmental isotopes (e.
The acquisition was made via the company's subsidiary Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products Holdings GmbH.
The contract will see Nexomics provide protein production services, while Cambridge Isotope Laboratories will be responsible for providing global sales and marketing support.
Identification by isoscapes is based on the discovery that the tissue in a person's body and composition of drugs, whiskey, and other objects contains a distinctive isotope ratio "fingerprint.
The proverbial "suitcase bomb" would be of the plutonium implosion type that, by nature of the isotope, has a much smaller critical mass.
Once an atom of hydrogen or one of its isotopes binds to dust, the spectrometer at the heart of FUSE can no longer detect the element.
Using isotope signatures as a validation tool for GCMs, the Australian team discovered that these models were not properly taking into account evaporation from open water in the Amazon river system, and not correctly simulating transpiration by the rainforest as compared to normal evaporation from rivers, ponds and other settled water.
Although not organized as such in the layout, I found that individual chapters in the book can be divided into four categories: i) those that concentrate on isotope geochemistry, ii) those that concentrate on isotope technology/methodology, iii) those that concentrate on major/trace element geochemistry, and iv) those that review a mineral deposit type.
Stable isotope and groundwater flow dynamics of agricultural irrigation recharge into groundwater resources of the Central Valley, California.
Two manuscripts recently have been published in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry [RCM 17, 771-776 (2003) and RCM 17, 777-782 (2003)] that detail an international collaboration to identify, understand at a fundamental level, and correct measurement biases manifested in gas isotope ratio mass spectroeters.
Stable isotope abundance measurements in Canada were initiated by Henry ('Harry') G.
have built a microscopic device that could supply power for decades to remote sensors or implantable medical devices by drawing energy from a radioactive isotope.
Isotope ratio mass spectrometry is a specialized magnetic sector mass spectrometry technique designed to measure isotopes.