isosceles triangle

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a triangle with two equal sides

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A useful question to raise with the problem solvers at this point is to ask whether or not it is possible to have an isosceles triangle with an odd number of matchsticks as its base length, and, if not, why.
Next, make a new equilateral triangle, using one of the two short sides of the jutting isosceles triangle as a base.
Triangle Bar & Grille 2122 Monongahela Avenue, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County An institution in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Swissvale for nearly 60 years, the Triangle gets its name because the building is shaped like an isosceles triangle.
With this technique, an isosceles triangle is used to visually represent the concept and enhance memory (2,10-12).
If you've got that on straight, then your tendu stays within the fifth, as though you were aiming for the point of an isosceles triangle in front of you.
In an isosceles triangle ABC (where C is any point on bisector n),
0]/2h, and recognizing that the hypotenuse of that right triangle is the base of an isosceles triangle, the sides of that triangle, which are equal in length to the radius of the circle, can be computed.
Delthyrium in a form of isosceles triangle, covered by convex deltidium with large sealed foramen extending for about half of the deltidium height (Fig.
3 isosceles triangle shaped polished mirrors with 9-inch sides and a 4-inch base, with a 1/4-inch hole drilled 1 inch from the top and centered on the 4-inch base
As novelist and preacher Frederick Buechner notes, "Theorizing about God this way is like an isosceles triangle trying to theorize the Great Pyramid of Cheops into the two dimensions of the printed page.
But it carries a certain penalty--like studying two lines of an isosceles triangle.
Graphically, Figure 1 represents the gist of the concept as an inverted isosceles triangle.
His sketch showed an isosceles triangle that would contain the exhibition space, and a right triangle that would accommodate administrative offices, a library, and a study center for art research.
I realized I've forgotten everything I ever knew about the isosceles triangle.