isosceles triangle

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a triangle with two equal sides

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The only real rule governing tile selection was to include an arc of head to toe black and white isosceles triangles at regular intervals within each pie piece, a concession to visual structure.
The class was then encouraged to predict the order of rotational symmetry of the isosceles triangle.
OBC) are the conditional expectations of this random distance within isosceles triangles [?
A useful question to raise with the problem solvers at this point is to ask whether or not it is possible to have an isosceles triangle with an odd number of matchsticks as its base length, and, if not, why.
Note [DELTA]PQR is an isosceles triangle with m[angle]PQR = m[angle]RPQ,
By the end of April, signs of stability begin to appear, because three major planets will be located at water signs, forming an isosceles triangle.
From the selection process of the neighboring tags, no matter when K=3 or K=4, it is known that the selection of the neighboring tags has a low accuracy for the localization based on isosceles triangle topologic structure.
Cor Caroli and Chara form a squat, nearly isosceles triangle with the galaxy Messier 94.
The bin Laden compound was akin to an isosceles triangle, carved out of the property of the Kakul Military Academy, Pakistan's West Point.
An isosceles triangle (bow-tie) is fractalized with [K.
17), but the latter consists of a tall isosceles triangle containing an upside-down cross, while the Gordion graffiti appear to present--some examples have been truncated by breaks--an equilateral triangle with a single short vertical in the middle of its lowest side.
Verne writes: "Two and a half metres below the waterline appeared a neat hole in the form of an isosceles triangle.
Porcelain portraits arranged on metal stands are evenly positioned in the gallery space in such a way as to form two sides of an isosceles triangle.
As Jesse and Elizabeth watched Monday, she nailed a question half-way through about the degrees of an isosceles triangle.
Each FinGripper finger looks like an elongated isosceles triangle with a series of slats running between the two long sides.