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(of a triangle) having two sides of equal length

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Caption: Luke's two-handed isosceles stance beats the hip-shooting nonsense displayed by most Stormtroopers all over the place.
The isosceles is praised as a "rigid platform," but in most tactical situations rigidity is not nearly as useful as flexibility.
The position of the isosceles vortex generator base is given by [D.
Kent (2009) investigated the natural convection in isosceles triangular enclosures for a cold base wall and hot inclined walls.
in their second diagram, it is obvious that it is an isosceles triangle), whereas the pair responsible for Figure 3b have made no size and shape distinctions for the collection of isosceles triangles.
Anyway, I think we all need a release from 12 months' hard multiple choices and I never want to see another isosceles triangle again, well at least until the next one has to do it.
Here was the grand old man of travel writing, lost to us a mere three years ago, describing the rock formations that have kept me company for the last 16 years, "a dead, ashen world, filled, not with craters and shell-holes, but with cones and pyramids and monoliths from fifty to a couple of hundred feet high, each one a rigid isosceles of white volcanic rock like the headgear of a procession of Spanish penitents during Passion Week.
Here, Bruch superimposes two isosceles triangles touching apex to apex atop a second pair of triangles that are joined base to base.
The invention by Bahrain's Civil Defence staff has sensors that will cover more angles than Isosceles and burning fuel will simply be smothered by an out-oozing of foam and carbon dioxide.
From the selection process of the neighboring tags, no matter when K=3 or K=4, it is known that the selection of the neighboring tags has a low accuracy for the localization based on isosceles triangle topologic structure.
In outline the house looks like a perfect isosceles triangle; like Unou's, its floor plan is centered on a common area-a courtyard located directly under the apex of the triangle--with individual rooms tucked snugly under the sloped ceiling.
An isosceles triangle (bow-tie) is fractalized with [K.
The monument is composed of seven isosceles triangular pyramid shaped structures, with the middle one being the tallest.
The octagon problem is a rich mathematical task requiring deductive reasoning that incorporates several geometric concepts including regular polygons, angle measures of a regular polygon, transformations (reflection, rotation, and dilation), scale factors, properties of right isosceles triangles, and properties of quadrilaterals.