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Synonyms for isomorphous

having similar appearance but genetically different

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Experimental study of the features of isomorphous REE entry into the hydroxyapatite.
Traditionally the basal surfaces of kaolinite are believed to carry a constant structural charge due to the isomorphous substitution of [Si.
Any discourse which seeks to attain the fundamental dimensions of a work must, at least implicitly, examine its relationship with madness: not only because of the resemblance between the themes of lyricism and psychosis, or because the structures of experience are occasionally isomorphous, but more fundamentally, because the work poses and transgresses the limit which creates, threatens, and completes it.
Clay mineral crystals carry a charge arising from the isomorphous substitution of certain elements in their structure for other ions of a different valance.
Max discovered that attaching a heavy metal, in this case mercury, to haemoglobin changed the relative intensities of the diffraction spots measurably-and this, in principle, meant that the phase problem was solved and the isomorphous replacement method for determining crystal structures had been invented.
c] superconductor phases were reported in the literature, including new structure types as well as single phases and solid solutions isomorphous to known structures.
In the latter case the topical possessor occurs within the topical NP, so IS and syntactic structures are isomorphous and the need for raising does not arise.
In the early 1830s, he measured the crystalline form of many new substituted naphthalenes and found that they were isomorphous with the parent substance [9].
Basic topics include diffraction from three-dimensional crystals, phase determination by isomorphous replacement and the Patterson function.