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(biology) similarity or identity of form or shape or structure

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Organizational Isomorphism in East Asia, in THE NEW INSTITUTIONALISM IN
Richard Gaillardetz has recently argued that there may be an isomorphism between an obsessively technologized post-modern culture and a functionally unitarian theism that presupposes a God who is capricious and only sporadically involved with human life.
We might even say that sex and sexual difference were produced through all of these assorted parts precisely because of the structural isomorphism between male and female bodies which Thomas Liqueur has demonstrated in Making Sex.
It is not clear just which forms of isomorphism are working their will on the presidential organization chart.
130) of isomorphism as applied to music and the mind, he has not yet made it fully clear how the nature of the connection between consciousness and sound "works in detail" (p.
Renal and postrenal hematuria can be distinguished relatively well based on the isomorphism or dysmorphism flags of the UF-100.
The Iron Cage Revisited: Institutional Isomorphism and Collective Rationality in Organization Fields," The New Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago, pp.
This finding is in line with research on isomorphism between different levels of formal organization of verse initiated by Roman Jakobsons discussion of the poetic function.
Thus, to show that [psi] is an isomorphism of posets, it remains to prove its surjectivity.
Some such problems of practical relevance include fundamental partition problems in graph theory, isomorphism problems in combinatorics, and strategy-design problems in mathematical game theory.
In terms of aesthetic isomorphism, the mysterious traits of porcelain, eternity and vulnerability, beauty and simplicity, softness and hardness, are in consistent harmony with the multilevel and paradoxical traits of the body, material and spirit, changeability and uniqueness, vulnerability and firmness, initiative and passivity.
The purpose of our paper is to present the foundations of organizational analysis' neoinstitutionalism (Nee, 2005), highlighting the concepts of legitimacy and isomorphism, as combined with elements of the resource-based view to support the idea of sustained organizational strategy.
Homomorphism is an isomorphism if and only if the matrix is inevitable.
Based on the unique properties of rare earth elements to change the valence and ionic radius, depending on the redox conditions of the environment, it is quite possible to justify their valence participation in the geochemical processes, thereby, to prove the given thesis about observation of lanthanide isomorphism in environments with petroleum fluids [7].
In order to decide the inverse problem for generalized one-sided concept lattices we will use the following wellknown characterization of Galois connections involving dual isomorphism of closure systems, cf.