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the growth rates in different parts of a growing organism are the same

a one-to-one mapping of one metric space into another metric space that preserves the distances between each pair of points

equality of elevation above sea level

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equality of measure (e

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Risk factors, mechanisms of injury and anatomic junctions are well defined, so developed operative techniques must: achieve isometry, strength, prevent redislocations, minimize complications and improve patients' quality of life [41-46].
In [9] Mankiewiz considered the extension problem of isometries whose domains are subsets of normed spaces and proved that every surjective isometry between open connected subsets of normed spaces can be extended to a surjective affine isometry between normed spaces.
The speed of fractal encoding process is further increased by incorporating a few steps such as FFT based or sum table based method; either one is used to perform the normalization of covariance component, eight isometry transformations' operation using 2D IFFT properties, and the early search termination technique.
by the isometry of large workers compared with small workers and by the presence of a medial clypeal tooth in minor workers (Wojcik et al.
Whenever we say that two vertex coronae A of vertex x and B of vertex y are congruent we mean that there is an isometry mapping A to B and x to y.
The growth rate of the bony structures in the prenatal phase was greater than in the postnatal phase, with a comparatively greater tendency for positive allometry during gestation and negative allometry or isometry in the postnatal phase.
These orientations determine, for each tile in a patch, a unique orientation-preserving isometry that carries that tile to its associated prototile.
It stimulates the trunk muscles (the abdominal and spinal muscles, the retroversor and anteversor pelvic muscles, the shoulder blade fixing muscles), which work in isometry, in order to keep the trunk balance in a correct position that has been previously learned in the gym.
1] norm minimization [14], which need quantize the analog time axis with a small-size discrete grid, but some conditions, such as restricted isometry property [15] and discrete uncertainty principle [16] that are required in CS to guarantee perfect signal recovery by [l.
It has been proved in [1-3] that in order to exactly recover the desired sparse vector s using y, the transformation matrix A must satisfy the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP).
The null hypothesis of the isometry was supported if the 95% confidence intervals encompassed a slope of 1.
Among them are entanglement protection and generation under continuous monitoring, completely positive transformations of quantum operations, generating semigroups by degenerate elliptic operators arising in open quantum systems, the spectral gap of the n-photon absorption-emission process, white noise theory, computational complexity of a quantum algorithm for factoring, an isometry formula for a new stochastic integral, and complexities for Gaussian communication processes.
0]-norm optimization is an NP hard problem; secondly, the problem we want to solve is not absolutely sparse when there exists noise in practical application; in addition, the coherence of the columns is usually so high in the overcomplete basis matrix that it is hard to satisfy the restricted isometry property (RIP).