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Synonyms for isometric

a line connecting isometric points

related by an isometry

of or involving muscular contraction in which tension increases while length remains constant

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having equal dimensions or measurements


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of a crystal system characterized by three equal axes at right angles

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Therefore, the corresponding extension problem for [epsilon]-isometries can be naturally formulated as the following approximate isometric extension problem (ref.
There were no significant differences observed in isometric or isokinetic strength between the massage and control arms either immediately post-exercise or over the study period.
The added structure needed to create an isometric rig also contributes to a relatively high mass weight of 4.
The Salter model of scale balance was adapted as a tensiometer to measure the isometric quadriceps and hamstring muscle strengths.
While isometrics are some of the safest exercises around, you still want to know they are safe for you.
This software provides 2-Dand 3-D piping capabilities, and isometric drafting and auto extraction of isometrics from the 3-D model into the MicroStation platform.
By doing isometric (eye-so-MET-ric) leg extensions, Eric will stretch and strengthen the quadriceps (KWAD-ri-seps) muscles at the front of his thighs.
Kraft's experience, isometric exercise -- where muscles work against resistance to build strength -- and aerobic exercise -- which raises the heart rate -- benefit most people who are mildly affected and some people who are moderately affected.
Researchers there ran eight healthy male volunteers through a 15-minute warm-up on exercise bikes followed by 15 minutes of stretching and isometric exercises.
Uniquely, such "on demand" intelligent isometric views remain relevant for owner-operators throughout the plant lifecycle - beyond procurement, fabrication, and construction to "as built" and "as safely operated" maintenance and compliance.
is the Intergraph solution designed to document piping systems with industry-standard piping isometric drawings, and is ideal for site-based piping engineers and designers.
The secondary aim was to determine whether acute increases in isometric neck strength were evident during the initial five weeks of the neck strengthening intervention.
In the study, some men were made to do four sets of an isometric exercise-holding a forceful muscle contraction without movement-three days a week.
An isometric maze game, Edge's stylised visuals and upbeat soundtrack make it one of the top five games on iPhone.
The most common reference for the normalization of the EMG signal is the percentage of the maximum isometric voluntary contraction (MIVC), more often used to analyze the static muscular contraction activity.