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cause to change into an isomer

change into an isomer

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The NMR peak for maleic anhydride was very small because maleate isomerizes to fumarate extensively during the synthesis of UP resins.
On polyesterification maleate isomerizes to more reactive fumarate and the reactivity of the resin towards styrene depends on the extent of this isomerization.
Hydro-Isomerization, meanwhile, selectively isomerizes n-paraffins and introduces branching (typically 1-2 branches per chain) into both paraffins and cyclo-paraffins as shown by proton NMR [6].
However, when the liquid crystal film is exposed to green light, the dopant isomerizes to the cis form, which increases the dipole moment of the coupled 2-octyloxy/thioindigo unit, and causes the latter to become dominant.
The presented data also suggest that ITMN-191 binds to the NS3/4A protease target in a two-step binding mechanism in which ITMN-191 initially associates with NS3/4A in a collision complex that isomerizes to a long-lived but non-covalent drug-target complex.
This kinetically preferred bromination product isomerizes readily to thermodynamically more stable E, Z-BrMe isomers, with temperatures on the order of 130 [degrees] C promoting rearrangement as well as HBr elimination to conjugated diene (6).
Finally, a four-carbon compound known as succinate is formed, isomerizes to malate, and then eventually regenerates into oxaloacetate, ready to start the cycle again.