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cause to change into an isomer

change into an isomer

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Third, if both RB and RAB isomerize, the reaction accelerates with increasing concentration of either ligand A or ligand B (Fig.
For one thing, the monochromatic light used to isomerize the QAQ molecule cannot penetrate human skin sufficiently to reach the pain-sensitive neurons.
However, a drawback of nickel-based catalysts is that they isomerize the natural cis double bond to trans olefin.
222) Towards that end, the Bayer scientists used a non-coated, immediate release tablet and discovered that drospirenone did not isomerize and was superior to the enteric coated tablet in all respects.
While carbon-centered radical 42 might also be expected to isomerize and subsequently be converted via peroxyl radical 45 to cholesterol 5-hydroperoxide 46, formation of the latter during cholesterol autoxidation is negligible, even though 46 is the major product of cholesterol oxidation by singlet oxygen [59,60].
2008) report that methyl (E,Z,Z)-2,4,6-decatrienoate can isomerize, potentially producing other isomers, under UV exposure.
2] carbon at Cl allowed the C3/C12 exo-ole fin to isomerize into a C2/C3 conjugated olefin under the conditions used.
25) Typically, disilene 17 is shown to isomerize to 18 at around 70[degrees]C probably via a bicyclobutane-like transition state or intermediate (eq [7]).
halys because these isomers substantially isomerize to methyl (E,E,Z)-2,4,6-decatrienoate when exposed to sunlight (Khrimian et al.
It has been reported that epoxy functions can isomerize to allylic alcohols even without accelerator like a tertiary amine and at higher temperature (see Fig.