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capable of being isolated or disjoined

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Selon lui, il existe un sens inherent aux situations vecues, lequel revendique la position synergique du corps a apprehender, un sens specifiquement phenomenal qui est perdu quand on recherche seulement des composantes materielles isolables.
First, individuals feel that they are able to avoid the negative stigma for loafing that would otherwise attach if their individual effort were isolable and known by others.
In place of the pre-social, metaphysically individuated essence, or residual soul, of the modern subject, Mauss's study of gift exchange suggests the very opposite: a complex network of obligations, commitments and blurred identities from which there no more emerges a concept of the individual than there does an isolable market place" (2011, page 5).
In line with these thoughts, Heidegger's view of human intentionality, or "absorbed coping," is not that of a "mind with content directed toward objects [or situations], and a new sort of entity encountered (transparent equipment) which is not a determinate, isolable substance" (Dreyfus, 2001, 69).
0005%) on the other hand was found to be present in the root but not in isolable quantities.
In 1999, we synthesized the first isolable dialkylsilylene 31 by the reduction of the corresponding dibromosilane 33, which was obtained by the reaction of 1,4-dilithiobutane 32 (37) with dichlorosilane followed by the bromination, using [KC.
of the University of Rome and colleagues, found both normal and pathological gallbladders contained easily isolable cells with the phenotype and biological properties of BTSCs.
Peut etre dit signifiant, en effet, tout element discret, isolable et combinable a d'autres elements egalement discrets et isolables, susceptible de prendre sens.
For Rhonheimer, such discussions are simplified by his focus on what he calls the basic intentional act, understood as the smallest isolable unit of properly human action, which is the choice of some means (itself a human act) to an end.
43) The qualities that liberate Morgiana from slavery constitute a set of isolable, transferable mental qualities and modes of thought, a pinxing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (moral character), xingzhi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (essence), and jingshen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (spirit) located within the individual that can respond to change and challenge (yingbian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Rather than treat these factors as distinct and isolable, the text here interweaves them as they interrelate in often overlapping categories of challenges, policy, strategy, tactics, and so on.
Yet one could argue that this term has outlived its usefulness, and that the kaleidoscope of voices behind Richardson's aphorisms, Flynn's chopped-up prisoner testimonials, or Lentine's warring versions of herself--as they challenge that tired notion of a rational, isolable speaker with a unified perspective--are more stabilizing than not, because they are arguably more reflective of our experience as individuals in a destabilized world.
But in the case of decolonization, the developing world tried with some success to make space in UN political discourse and even, occasionally, action for an issue deemed to be isolable from the East-West struggle.
Pour ce faire, parmi les multiples definitions, nous profiterons de celle de Charaudeau et de Maingueneau qui definissent le registre de langue comme une << variete isolable d'une langue employee dans des situations sociales definies.
The prevailing concept of tradition, both in common sense and social theory, has envisioned an isolable body or core of unchanging traits handed down from the past.