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having or making equal angles

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In North America, the division between E and W variation runs on an isogonic line, often referred to as the agonic line, which roughly extends from Minneapolis/St.
However, once the lambs were confined for longer time, growth of this cut became isogonic in the treatment 4.
As lambs were confined for longer, this cut presented isogonic growth as seen in the treatment of 4.
These same authors observed isogonic growth in finished animals on native and cultivated pasture.
Growth was considered isogonic when b = 1, indicating similar growth rates for X and Y during the analyzed growth interval.
Purebred Santa Ines and Texel x Santa Ines females exhibited coefficients equal to one (Table 1), representing isogonic growth, indicating that the feet/ankles in these lambs grew at a similar rate to the empty body.
If the isogonic lines (the lines of equal air pressure between highs and lows) on the chart are bunched up and close together, expect turbulence aloft.
Isogonic charts show the variation and annual change and are published every five years.
In this cartilage, the young chondrocytes, isogonics cells, territorial matrix and interterritorial matrix are distinguishable.