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Synonyms for isoclinal

an isogram connecting points of equal magnetic inclination

having equal magnetic inclinations


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Salinic and Acadian deformation included an early phase of recumbent folding, thrusting, upright tight to isoclinal folding, and high-angle normal, reverse, and strike-slip faulting.
El efecto de colision de Imataca y CVR de Pastora en el sector de Villa Lola--El Palmar, origino el plegamiento isoclinal de la faja de marmol dolomitico y cizallamiento intenso de sus flancos orientados en la direccion NESO.
On the other hand, Gursky (1986) suggests that the radiolarites constitute an isoclinal series folded during Upper Cretaceous by a SW-NE compressional event.
1] interlimb angles range from open to isoclinal as a result of refolding by the later [F.
1a,b,c; stage 6 of Bell and Rubenach,1983 classification) formed in response of N-S shortening, and (2) the latter phase is responsible for the formation of upright to isoclinal folding with an axial planer NE-SW foliation falls in stage 2 to 3 of Bell and Rubenach (1983) scheme.
Structural analysis will determine the exact nature of the geology, though it is possible that the mineralisation outline defines an overturned isoclinal synform with both limbs truncated by erosion below shallow surface cover.
The final isoclinal structure of the Moravicum is given by a system of slices with steep an eastern vergency which is most intensive in the northern closure of the Dyje Dome to the north of the Cizov fault and mainly along the Moravosilesian fracture zone (Batik, 1999).
The general structure of the deposit is a combination of recumbent and isoclinal folds that have been deformed into open-style folds and cut by a system of parallel and transverse faults (Cilek, 1980).
Benedict (1945) recognized major isoclinal overturned folds where previous interpretations had indicated a single, very thick, inclined sequence.
This sequence has experienced repeated deformation producing low grade meta-morphism of the rocks, isoclinal folding and several phases of shearing.
Since the Bonanza Ledge is interpreted as a replacement body that is replacing the fold noses of tight isoclinal folds that in the Bonanza Ledge area are flat lying rod shaped bodies, it is believed that these intersections represent true thickness or as close as true thickness can be estimated in this style of mineralization.
This main slate cleavage almost obliterates an older cleavage associated to scarce folds with isoclinal geometry.
A single traverse of eight drill holes at Murphy South, combined with Stage I drilling and geophysical inversion modelling, suggests that a large body of magnetite gneiss occurs in this area as a large overturned isoclinal fold, with a south southeast dipping axial plane.
Asymmetry is a typical feature of such elevations--steep, fault boundaries on the strike-slip zone side and isoclinal (oroclinal) outer ones, and a characteristic triangular outline.
Tight isoclinal folding has been exposed in underground workings and the walls of open-pits.