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an isogram connecting points at which something occurs or arrives at the same time

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On the other hand, some small-scale features, such as the presence of seafloor older than 6C isochrone close to the intersection between Challenger Fracture Zone and the Selkirk trough, suggest a more complex tectonic history (and possible formation of Selkirk microplate before 24-25 Myr).
Aujourd'hui, bien que l'etude des universaux de la musique ait ete grandement delaissee, il semble tout de meme subsister un consensus autour du fait que certaines caracteristiques fondamentales, notamment l'utilisation d'echelles comprenant jusqu'a sept degres ainsi que l'emploi d'une pulsation isochrone, constituent des universaux de premier niveau et qu'ils sont relies d'une facon ou d'une autre aux structures neurales de l'etre humain (Reck 1977 ; Nettl 2000; Patel 2008; Brown et Jordania 2011).
Fairen propose une autre alternative et fait de cet art l'une des deux versions graphiques des memes groupes neolithiques et donc contemporaine et isochrone du schematisme (Fairen, 2004).
A Commission spokesman confirmed that all four bidders "have attended meetings with the inquiry team to discuss isochrone analysis".
400 m) a fourni des ages concordants par correlation tabulaire et isochrone de 201 [+ or -] 2,5 Ma, ce qui correspond a la datation au U-Pb a partir de zircon situant la meme unite d'ecoulement a 202 [+ or -] 1 Ma.
As shown in Figure 5, each baseline forms a hyperbolic isochrone.
Isopoll and isochrone maps have been widely adopted, because they provide a visual summary of palynological data (Huntley 1988; Birks 1989).
We are now meeting that need with a suite of key pan-European products - Cartique Mapping, Routing and Drivetime data, SABE detailed administrative boundaries and Drivetime Regionale isochrone and routing systems.
1991) overlain by upper Jurassic to lowest Cretaceous limestones, which are isochrone with the siliciclastic deposits of the Iberian Abyssal Plain crustal blocks (Sites 901, 1065).
Initial customers include Camelot, manufacturer of DigiPhone(TM) Internet telephony software; Isochrone, developer of Internet communications software applications; and Soundprint Media Center, provider of Internet services for the public radio broadcasting industry.
In the event of any retailers getting the go-ahead to bid for Safeway, results of the isochrone analysis would be used to determine which stores would have to be sold in order for a deal to go ahead without damaging competition.
From the OFT paper, you will see there is a lot of uncertainty about the parameters of the isochrone analysis.
This made it possible to calculate the percentages of the population, number of households, and area that are covered by the different isochrones curves.
2002): A plate tectonic model for the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic constrained by dynamic plate boundaries and restored synthetic oceanic isochrones.