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used also in making gasoline components

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Since the technology was first commercialized in 1990, Honeywell UOP has commissioned 27 Oleflex units for on-purpose propylene and isobutylene production.
It is made from blending chemicals such as isobutylene and methanol, and has been used since the 1980s as an additive for unleaded petrol to achieve more efficient burning.
Possible applications for this technology include: Alkane dehydrogenation or coupling, butane to isobutylene conversion, and aromatic upgrading.
Physical, mechanical and thermal properties of a new class of isobutylene based model block copolymers are studied and contrasted with those of traditional thermoplastic elastomers based on polydienes and saturated polydienes (polyolefins) such as Kraton (or Vector) and Kraton G block copolymers.
Any overlap needs to be identified and the Commission needs to clarify if the relevant market shares of the proposed deal will create the world's largest isobutylene company with a 39% share of the market.
Based on a copolymer of isobutylene and maleic anhydride, the fiber will be used in the development of new specialty fiber superabsorbents.
Lummus Technology will be providing technology for a world scale steam cracker complex comprising ethylene, butadiene, benzene, isobutylene and MTBE units.
This type of isoprene is widely used to produce polyisoprene and isobutylene isoprene rubber.
Tenders are invited for Tender Enq Of Poly Isobutylene For Silvassa And Chennai
Since the technology was commercialized in 1990, the company has reportedly commissioned nine C3 Oleflex units for on-purpose propylene production and six C4 units for on-purpose isobutylene production.
This complex has units producing polyethylene, synthetic rubbers, latex, propylene glycol, pyrolysis benzene and fractions of butene, butylene and isobutylene.
The plant will be the first in China, and only the second in the world, to combine both processes, which are used to produce propylene and isobutylene, respectively.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 22, 2010-Enterprise Products Partners LP announces purchase of isobutylene facility for USD38.
They are based on brominated copolymers of isobutylene and paramethylstyrene, which have a unique combination of good ozone resistance and heat stability, as well as chemical reactivity.
The units will produce 684 metric tonnes per annum (MTA) of isobutylene and 950 MTA of propylene.