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any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves

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The word "prisms" stressed by repetition (here and on page 60), not only has associations with the mirrors in the periscope and with Bishop's scratched isinglass and object "tipping toward the light" but also implies the colors of the spectrum, a rainbow--the climactic and clearly symbolic image in "The Fish" as well--" where oil had spread a rainbow.
While gelatin and its derivatives are mainly obtained from bovine hide and porcine skin, isinglass and bone glues are largely derived from the dried swim bladder of fish and bovine bones.
The brewing process uses isinglass - a substance taken from dried swimming bladders of fish - to gather up the yeast and make it sink towards the bottom of the cask.
They resound through the body of her work, calling to mind the gas flame in "The Bight," the icy fire in "At the Fishhouses," the quartz arrowheads in "Cape Breton," the tear in the Man-Moth's eye, or the isinglass eye in "The Fish.
But these marks do not seem to be impressed upon the isinglass substance above mentioned, but seem to be seen through it, as if they were engraved upon the body itself.
But its isinglass fish bladder brewing treatment has been known to turn off vegetarians and those who enjoy a sweeter, softer taste will feel more at home with Brains' rich flavour and hint of liquorice.
To add substance to the medium and increase its opacity, artists add a gelatin-like isinglass from fish or size from animals, and this mixture is called `bodycolor.
903964 Meat; poultry; game (dead); meat extracts; tinned, preserved, dried fruit and vegetables; eggs, milk; dairy products; edible fats; jellies for food, aquatic product, herrings; salmon; sardines; tuna fish; fish fillets; foods prepared from fish; isinglass for food; caviar; lobsters; spiny lobsters; oysters; mussels; shellfish; crayfish; weed extracts for food; shark's fin; maw; dried fish, dried fish floss; sleeve-fish; iced shrimps; iced prawns; dried shrimps; dried shrimps floss; jelly fish head; dried shellfish; dried clam; dried razor clam; laver; edible seaweed; kelp; kelp threads; seafood; sea-cucumbers; all included in Class 29.
THE black stuff is clarified with isinglass - a form of gelatine made from the air bladders of fish.
It might not taste too meaty but the Black Stuff isn't suitable for vegetarians as it is made using isinglass, a substance used to clear the materials held in suspension in beers.
Pan oedd gormod o wyau a llefrith, byddem yn piclo'r wyau mewn isinglass, a gwneud menyn pot hallt ofnadwy, a photelu, piclo neu wneud jam efo pob dim arall oedd ar gael.
Similar arguments can be made that less-common or non-ubiquitous addition of fining agents such as egg albumin, isinglass (= gelatin; more commonly used with red wines) and casein (= milk protein; more commonly used with white wines), have minimal impact on wine trace-element chemistry.
They are known as major allergens, except isinglass.
The Wallace Collection has helped to pioneer the use of a rehydration process by which a reversible adhesive made of sturgeon (fish) bladder, called isinglass, is introduced underneath the lifted marquetry, a technique successfully used on this desk.
Springsteen's isinglass is The Rising, and although we'll never, ever forget that fateful day, he's reminded us that headstones are indeed for the living and that the only possible human response to unspeakable horror is to celebrate life: "Tell me how do you live brokenhearted/Meet me at Mary's place .