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local anemia in a given body part sometimes resulting from vasoconstriction or thrombosis or embolism

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Treatment of ischaemia usually involves a three-fold approach comprising changes in lifestyle, medication and specialised procedures to clear blocks in arteries, like balloon angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery.
This may be because DM patients have more LEAs due to an ulcer or infection, requiring a more distal amputation, whereas nonDM patients have more LEAs due to ischaemia, requiring a more proximal amputation.
Had the acute myocardial ischaemia infarction been recognised as demonstrated by the initial and the sequential ECG changes, then this patient should have been considered for immediate investigation by coronary angiography with a view to primary angioplasty.
Unstressed skeletal muscle is resistant to ischaemia for prolonged periods (up to five hours); however, the additional deformation injury to cells is believed to reduce survival of compressed skeletal muscle.
In the abovementioned cases, MPI can contribute in clarifying the presence or absence of ischaemia.
Autologous stem cell therapy in the treatment of limb ischaemia induced chronic tissue ulcers of diabetic foot patients.
We report a case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a woman post mitral valve repair who presented with unexplained thrombocytopenia, intermittent fever, acute renal failure and severe digital ischaemia.
Ischaemia is usually caused by disease of the blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries by deposits of fatty material) but may also result from injury to a vessel, constriction of a vessel due to spasm of the muscles in the vessel wall, or inadequate blood flow due to inefficient pumping action of the heart.
We considered a more direct approach by investigating the endogenous mechanisms that have evolved to make these cells in the hippocampus resistant,' explains first author Dr Michalis Papadakis, Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Cerebral Ischaemia at Oxford University.
Over time, ischaemia may cause new vessels to grow, either in the fundus where vitreous haemorrhage may result, or on the iris, which may lead to rubeotic glaucoma.
Pain due to tubal occlusion is thought to be due to ischaemia releasing pain mediators such as prostaglandins.
This type of stroke occurs when a thrombus or embolus blocks cerebral blood flow resulting in cerebral ischaemia and consequently neuronal damage and cell death.
University Hospital topped the new national league tables, published in the Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project's ninth annual report.