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a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable

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Specifically, we evaluate the performance of three fractal surface measurement algorithms that have been identified in the literature and implemented in ICAMS: isarithm, variogram, and triangular prism.
The three fractal surface measurement methods that have been implemented in ICAMS--the isarithm, variogram, and triangular prism methods--have been applied to real data and documented in detail in various studies (e.
The isarithm method uses the length of contours of surface z-values as a means of determining the fractal dimension D of the surface, where [D.
For each isarithm value and step size, the algorithm classifies pixels below and above the isarithm value as white and black, respectively.
Unlike the isarithm method, the triangular prism method can be affected by the range of z values because the method compares area (unit squared) with grid cell length (unit).