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Synonyms for irruption

a sudden violent entrance

a sudden sharp increase in the relative numbers of a population

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a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition)

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I was even accustomed to make an irruption into some houses, where I was well entertained, and after learning the kernels and very last sieveful of news -- what had subsided, the prospects of war and peace, and whether the world was likely to hold together much longer -- I was let out through the rear avenues, and so escaped to the woods again.
Roehampton is not far from Richmond, and one day the chariot, with the golden bullocks emblazoned on the panels, and the flaccid children within, drove to Amelia's house at Richmond; and the Bullock family made an irruption into the garden, where Amelia was reading a book, Jos was in an arbour placidly dipping strawberries into wine, and the Major in one of his Indian jackets was giving a back to Georgy, who chose to jump over him.
This irruption of Nutty Boyd into his life was an omen.
This theory assumes that the Great Lakes were the deep pools of one immense body of fresh water, which lay too low to be drained by the irruption that laid bare the land.
Sparsit and her prize; and the whole body made a disorderly irruption into Mr.
Made giddy by the turbulent irruption of this multitude of staring faces into her cell of years, by the confusing sensation of being in the air, and the yet more confusing sensation of being afoot, by the unexpected changes in half-remembered objects, and the want of likeness between the controllable pictures her imagination had often drawn of the life from which she was secluded and the overwhelming rush of the reality, she held her way as if she were environed by distracting thoughts, rather than by external humanity and observation.
His experience told him that intervention was too dubious a responsibility to be lightly incurred; the possible issue either of an endeavor to restore the former relations with Lucy and Philip, or of counselling submission to this irruption of a new feeling, was hidden in a darkness all the more impenetrable because each immediate step was clogged with evil.
C'est une belle association qui donnerait de si bons resultats pourvu que l'on se donne la main pour contrecarrer cette irruption maladive de la violence, de l'exclusion, de la compromission de l'effort.
Les touches de cette experience se retrouvent dans son nouveau film : des personnages poursuivis par leur passe, des parcours parsemes d'embuches et des atmospheres de tension implicites qui finissent par faire irruption bouleversant des vies-
In picking up where OUR HOUSE IN ARUSHA (ISBN: 978-1456585440) left off, AN IRRUPTION OF OWLS views from the perspective of small-town New England the forces that shape the family's lives.
The subject matter of the essays varies widely--the doctrine of creation, the decline of the Protestant churches, war, and more--but the volume's focus throughout is the decisive irruption in history of Jesus Christ and the church.
Selon elle, les acquis de ces deux types d'experiences ont permis aux peuples des villes d'entrer dans la Revolution, qui a incarne la veritable << irruption du peuple sur la scene politique >> (p.
The winter of 2013-14 was variably generous to birders providing the second biggest irruption of snowy owls ever recorded.
Phillips put it: "The second coming of Christ, the second irruption of eternity into time, will be immediate, violent and conclusive.
Some analyses associated modernity with an unexpected irruption (based on Lacalle Pou's sudden appearance in the political scene) while in other cases the results were probably influenced by electoral preferences.