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Synonyms for irritably

in a petulant manner

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Of course I should hate it--so would you," she rejoined, a trifle irritably.
He raised his head irritably when his sister Janey entered, and then quickly bent over his book (Swinburne's "Chastelard"--just out) as if he had not seen her.
Well, I must say I can't see any game about that, about that," declared Nancy, almost irritably.
said Hippolyte irritably to Evgenie Pavlovitch, who certainly was laughing.
Then as if vexed that he could not ever express what he really meant, he said irritably, in a loud voice:
If your idea of fun is hunching over a plate, nose running, sweat beads forming on your brow, irritably trying to avoid conversation in order to deal with the task at hand, then this dish is for you.
If the wife informed him that there was salad, daal and three different types of vegetables, he would respond, irritably, "That is fine, but what is for eating?
Abu Riyad irritably tapped his fingers on the table, and carried on doing it more loudly and insistently.
Slip in, among some more normal poems you are reading aloud, one that is palindromic, and your hearer will probably notice only the absurdities, the contortions, the infelicities of the writing; and if you point out irritably "But it is a palindromic poem
The judge smashed his gavel down irritably, the courtroom was packed with divorce applicants waiting, and granted her a divorce.
At times, being obviously right is not enough to be heard, even though, as Rosa Luxemburg exclaims irritably in one of these excerpts: 'Even a poorly informed student of history knows' (p134).
When pressed, he replied irritably, "How many times you want me to say it?
The average working man or woman snaps irritably and there is a blow-up just looming in the horizon and you land up having a guilty conscience for ruining everyone's evening.
She also responds irritably to relatively minor issues.
He varied his count with singing cadence songs and managed to simultaneously both confuse and infuriate the horse, who expressed his displeasure with pinned ears and a irritably swishing tail.