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Synonyms for irreversible

Synonyms for irreversible

that cannot be revoked or undone

Antonyms for irreversible

incapable of being reversed


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In fact, even after their proliferating descendants irreversibly lose their sternness, some can still find their way back to the niche, where they continue to serve two primary purposes: they hold the hairs tightly in place to prevent hair loss, and they release inhibitory signals that prevent the stem cells from activating too early.
These talks could be our last chance to secure a global agreement to reduce emissions and build a zerocarbon economy before our planet's climate system destabilises irreversibly.
The Republic of Macedonia is entering the closing stage of the period when it should and must take the key step, thus defining irreversibly its Euro-Atlantic future," former President Crvenkovski said in his address on the subject "The Future of the Republic of Macedonia Through the Prism of Friends.
The quality of life and lifestyles which we owe to future generations will be irreversibly shattered.
More than 18 million people in Africa are infected with the insect-borne river blindness, with more than 300,000 left irreversibly blind.
In 1968, a Harvard Committee declared that a person who is in a coma and on ventilatory support and who was likely to die within 48 hours, is not indeed yet dead, but could be declared 'brain dead' (now defined as having irreversibly lost all brain functions) for the purpose of retrieval of vital organs such as the heart, for transplantation purposes.
It is thought Robert's kidneys became irreversibly damaged by a virus when he was three.
MUSCAT -- Globalisation has changed India irreversibly in recent years, said a prominent Indian expert on international affairs and a former top UN official.
The vaccine, unlike bapineuzumab, actively and irreversibly stimulates the patient's immune system to attack beta amyloid.
Our undeniably damaged economy is now irreversibly wrecked.
While I must congratulate Mr Ainsworth on both his honesty to espouse his essentially pro-European ambitions and views as he thinks fit (although I disagree) and to recommend the use of a democratic referendum and parliamentary agreement to reach an agreement, I wonder if he would now support the democratic case for referendum on the incoming EU Reform Treaty which - like the single currency - fundamentally and irreversibly alters the nature of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.
The pulse produces mechanical vibrations in the virus shell, irreversibly damaging and disintegrating it, and so "deactivating" the virus for good.
A further 950,000 tonnes will be provided once the reactor is irreversibly disabled.
The Plasma Converter System destroys each and every one of these materials totally and irreversibly, said Startech VP Steve Landa.
Second, when the guard column is packed with the same material as the prep column, it removes compounds that irreversibly adsorb to the packing material.
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