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a substance that forms a gel with water

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Current American Dental Association infection control guidelines recommend immersion disinfection of irreversible hydrocolloid impressions.
Impressions of the hand and legs of the donors were made using irreversible hydrocolloid impression material in the same manner explained above and modeling wax was melted and poured into the impression material.
In the CIT, an irreversible hydrocolloid supported by a rigid tray is used to record auricular impression.
Three irreversible hydrocolloid extended-pour products, Hydrogum 5 (Zhermack, Badia Polesine, Italy), Hydro Print Premium (Vigodent Coltene, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Color Change (Cavex, Haarlen, Netherlands), were compared with the conventional irreversible hydrocolloid Hydrogum (Zhermack, Badia Polesine, Italy) (Table 1).
Panzeri, Bacterial, fungal and yeast contamination in six brands of irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials, Braz Oral Res.
In this article, we describe what we believe is the only reported case of a near-total obstruction of the upper digestive tract caused by an irreversible hydrocolloid.
Kaplan, Linear dimensional stability of irreversible hydrocolloid materials over time.
3 Even with the introduction of more refined and more sophisticated rubber base impression materials, irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials have stood the test of time.
3 Primary cast was made using irreversible hydrocolloid impression material.
Impressions were made using reversible hydrocolloid for the lower arch and irreversible hydrocolloid for the upper arch and casts were poured with dental stone.
3 Using the irreversible hydrocolloid impression material impression of the defect was taken and poured in hard plaster.
This is in contrast to the studies carried out in other parts of the world where irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate) is the primary material of choice as preliminary impression for many programs (87%).
28 Muller-Bolla M et al in their study tried to find out that whether different disinfectants are needed for different impression materials and concluded that same disinfection procedure for both irreversible hydrocolloid and silicone impressions was used by 78% of European Union dental schools with almost same efficacy.
Zinc oxide eugenol impression paste is a material of choice for functional impression whilst irreversible hydrocolloid is suitable for an anatomic impression.