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  • adv

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incapable of being resisted

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There is something so massive, stable, and almost irresistibly imposing in the exterior presentment of established rank and great possessions, that their very existence seems to give them a right to exist; at least, so excellent a counterfeit of right, that few poor and humble men have moral force enough to question it, even in their secret minds.
She looked at him with an incredulous surprise, which would have been irresistibly absurd under less serious circumstances.
His smile, too, had something in it irresistibly comic, and gave an assurance of faith and loyalty, with which his host could not refrain from sympathizing.
The voice without a body went on singing; and certainly Raoul had never in his life heard anything more absolutely and heroically sweet, more gloriously insidious, more delicate, more powerful, in short, more irresistibly triumphant.
There was a compelling something in the recollection of her that drew him irresistibly toward her.
It conveyed irresistibly the idea that life, animal life, was not the only thing which could pass away.
Staggering and holding himself up by keeping against the walls, falling down and creeping up again, and irresistibly impelled by a kind of instinct, he kept crying out, "The Carnatic
Irresistibly attracted, he advanced slowly, pace by pace, down the lane.
Since, the evening before, he had really been the hero of one of the tales of the "Thousand and One Nights," and he was irresistibly attracted towards the grotto.
Their steady march was like the progress of a machine, that would roll irresistibly over everything in its way.
It is that which makes women so irresistibly adorable.
It was gliding irresistibly towards us and yet seemed already within reach of the hand.
For Dinah had that belief in visible manifestations of Jesus, which is common among the Methodists, and she communicated it irresistibly to her hearers: she made them feel that he was among them bodily, and might at any moment show himself to them in some way that would strike anguish and penitence into their hearts.
One ancient crab, that was for ever shuffling frantically from side to side of the pool, had particularly fascinated me: there was a vacancy in its stare, and an aimless violence in its behaviour, that irresistibly recalled the Gardener who had befriended Sylvie and Bruno: and, as I gazed, I caught the concluding notes of the tune of his crazy song.
The fact is, I felt irresistibly impressed with a presentiment of some vast good fortune impending.