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the quality of being overpowering and impossible to resist

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The drafters of the rules were conscious of the fact that a number of excepted perils proposed--including the one under examination--correspond to the French and other civil law jurisdictions force majeure concept, which contains the elements of unforeseeability and irresistibility.
Improper use of linear reasoning: An in-depth study of the nature and the irresistibility of secondary school students' errors.
Countless brands are going to spend Super Bowl Sunday waiting around for one moment to try to infiltrate conversation, but we wanted to do something different that enhances the viewing experience all game long with the irresistibility of M&M's and the insights of a legend like Joe Montana," said Seth Klugherz, senior director of M&M's Chocolate Candies.
He was probably already reaping the rewards of his sexual irresistibility," she told the jury.
I'd put a wager on it that his irresistibility was in how he made them feel.
No, nothing to do with the irresistibility of my Hai Karate aftershave, more that it was a swelteringly hot July morning and she'd suddenly felt a bit faint after getting up from her seat to alight at Cardiff Central.
122) A powerful argument against a finding of irresistibility is the simple fact that many trans people do not undergo surgery.
Ava's apparent irresistibility soon results in an ongoing sexual relationship.
La Yuqawam Orchid Prairie and Tobacco Blaze men series preserves the irresistibility with its scents of saffron and Neroli that unites with violets, Armoise and Coumarine to ignite the feelings.
The irresistibility of this horror-induced impulse suggests that it precedes conscious awareness or decision-making, positioning it in the realm of affect.
Angel alludes to the irresistibility of her arms when it starts raining "your arms are like wet marble, Tess.
The continuing presence of religion in politics deprives the secular paradigm of one of its more powerful appeals--namely, the claim of irresistibility based on the assumption that the movement of history is inexorably toward ever greater secularization.
The irresistibility of a book featuring such an unrelentingly contemptible central character lies in its delivery.
Washington, October 29 ( ANI ): Facebook and email trump sex in terms of sheer irresistibility, researchers say.
Alpenliebe is one of the most known confectionery brands in India and this new launch is targeted to reinforce the brand's Irresistibility proposition.