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the quality of being overpowering and impossible to resist

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The continuing presence of religion in politics deprives the secular paradigm of one of its more powerful appeals--namely, the claim of irresistibility based on the assumption that the movement of history is inexorably toward ever greater secularization.
Washington, October 29 ( ANI ): Facebook and email trump sex in terms of sheer irresistibility, researchers say.
The Hikayat Banjar, a seventeenth-century native court chronicle from Southeast Borneo, characterizes the irresistibility, of natural resource wealth to outsiders as "the banana tree at the gate.
For a conservative proponent of limited power like Edmund Burke, this view illustrated the simultaneous irresistibility and danger of the sublime as a mode of unconstrained power.
Salt House's version is far posher than that, the churros here come with their own little dish of molten chocolate for dipping, but the principle and irresistibility remain the same.
Framing the Poor: The Irresistibility of How the Other Half Lives.
Yes, I am tending more to a fruit, vegetable and salad regime, but such is the variety and irresistibility of Bulgarian cuisine that I do sometimes transgress into the territory of banitsa or banitchki (each one smaller, but total consumption greater), prime cuts of meat (when the family you're with have baked a whole lamb for Easter, you can't not eat it), rakiya (without which salads feel lonely), and the astonishing range and quality of Bulgarian wines.
If 1 am wrong in supposing that this is the reading Twain intended, my wrongness does not (in my view) negate the validity of my interpretation, regardless of the irresistibility of the verb intends.
M1 of this sets a firm presumption against the view that every case of putative knowing akrasia must involve compulsion or irresistibility at the time of action.
Note: the political irresistibility of legislation can also be created by the Committee Chairman, political party leadership or important local issue.
Sponsorship separates the professionals from the dilettantes, I knew, and I was sure that having "MOELLERCYCLES" blazoned across my chest would greatly improve my irresistibility to the cyclettes.
The key to irresistibility is to find out what individuals really want and give them a way to make it a reality.
He applies the critical perspectives of Edward Said's Orientalism and other post-colonial critical works in order to show how the texts in question were part of larger discursive frameworks of identity and demographic expansion and also to show how many of the concepts at the core of Italian Fascist ideology-- the myth of Roman dominance, the supremacy of Italian civilization, the irresistibility of collective action, and the deification of the leader--were expressed and elaborated in these writings.
In a different category but with the same defining qualities of irresistibility and uselessness, are foreign phrase books.
s 1975 story 'A Momentary Taste of Being', evoke resistance to the naturalness of patriarchy, and the supposed nearly supernatural irresistibility of female sexuality for phallic power.