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the quality of being unreproducible

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While false positives are an inevitable part of scientific research, our study shows that the current level of irreproducibility in preclinical research is very costly," says Simcoe.
It is no longer the sources which need to be unmasked (the academics now take care of that), it is the text itself which must be shaken; the problem is not to reveal the (latent) origin of an utterance, of a trait, of a narrative, but to fissure the very irreproducibility of meaning, is not to change or purify the sources but to challenge the source-concept itself.
This irreproducibility of temperature values is one type of so-called non-uniqueness of the ITS-90 and is an inherent limitation of the ITS-90.
Thin films, rather than powdered samples, were used because of irreproducibility of powdered data.
As awareness of irreproducibility grows, we wanted to provide a way for top quality researchers to distinguish themselves.
para]]Donation is part of Sigma-Aldrich's commitment to help translational researchers address irreproducibility in research, a growing industry concern[[/para]]
It seems that everyone has an opinion about the underlying causes leading to irreproducibility, and many have offered solutions.
Irreproducibility of scientific findings is a cause for ongoing concern.
8220;Hyperquenching technology promises to address a major source of irreproducibility in diffraction outcomes, to simplify identification of satisfactory cryoprotection conditions, and to increase the throughput of diffraction pipelines,” says Robert Thorne, Chairman and CTO of Mitegen.
Without the bonded clamps, grips slipped along the specimen's length in some measurements, thus introducing errors and irreproducibility.
The combination of uniqueness and irreproducibility make MEMflakes truly special," said John Schnieter, CEO of Veratag.
Injector irreproducibility was evaluated by pooling and spiking extracts of whole blood with 3 SIR concentrations and DMR and SIR-[d.
The irreproducibility originates from the instability of morphology that varies during processing.
Unlike competitive products that require manual input by the user which is time consuming and leads to irreproducibility, Gel-Pro Analyzer automates molecular weight and amount calculation through the use of pattern recognition of objects, lanes and bands.
The issue of irreproducibility of published studies is now widely acknowledged by the research community as a challenge to effective translational research as it could delay the creation of new treatments for patients and compromise the public's trust and confidence in science," said Amanda Halford, Vice President, Academic Research at Sigma-Aldrich.