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the quality of being unreproducible

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Harris's principal remedy for the irreproducibility problem is greater scientific rigor, and many of his suggestions seem so obvious that it's hard to believe they aren't already standard practice: Check cell lines before beginning an experiment that depends on the cell line being correct.
Because patents require their inventors to sufficiently disclose their inventions to others--enough to enable their peers to "make and use" their claimed inventions (6)--it would seem that patent law provides a bulwark against irreproducibility.
Faulty statistics are another major source of irreproducibility, and several prominent scientific journals have set guidelines for how statistical analyses should be conducted.
Irreproducibility of the activity and chronicity indices limits their utility in the management of lupus nephritis: Lupus Nephritis Collaborative Study Group.
The lack of meaningful progress in preclinical cancer research was highlighted by the irreproducibility of >70% of published studies.
8220;Hyperquenching technology promises to address a major source of irreproducibility influencing X-ray diffraction outcomes, to simplify the identification of satisfactory cryoprotection conditions, and to increase the throughput of structure-solving pipelines,” says Robert Thorne, Chairman and CTO of MiTeGen.
While acknowledging the seemingly boundless potential for artificial intelligence within computer applications, Ong was insistent on the irreproducibility of personhood through machinery.
His alleged irreproducibility underwrites his uniqueness and maintains his esoteric nature, his "aura," a "quality" Whitman called "most real, but wholly indefinable" (WWWC, 5:119).
Even before the nineteenth century, frame narratives often make at least a cursory nod to the irreproducibility of the storyteller's performance that the narrator claims to have witnessed.
When, as is the case at present, the research of effects remain stalled by the difficulties in isolating the variables involved and cultural analyses seem to be doomed to a certain degree of irreproducibility (if not of irrelevance), many of the old criticisms now seem somewhat unfair.
It is unlikely that this variation could be explained by irreproducibility of measured colloidal forces.
To minimize the irreproducibility of the experiments due to the nucleation effects, a small nucleus of the austenitic phase was initiated in one corner of the specimen by rapid localized heating, using a gas burner.
It implied that social facts were observable manifestations of interactions forming the social structure, but not all of them could be directly observed, if only because of the size of some of the social facts and because of their experimental irreproducibility.
Because of its unpredictability and high irreproducibility, it has been considered by some to be an art rather than a science (Ducruix and Giege 1992) or an "exact art and subtle science.