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in an irreproachable and blameless manner


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Although a robust conversation around race, class, gender, and sexual identity has emerged within writing center studies, religion as a category of identity remains under-theorized in our field, perhaps because of its characterization as intimate, personal, and almost irreproachably private.
Hoping and praying for the return of the missing husband agrees rather well with the sublime Homeric conceit of the irreproachably "chaste bosom" and the equally commendable ideal of the "true wife" ("Wakefield", 292, 293).
But with small success, for, although she had affected the deceptively simple variety, the hawk eyes of dean and matrons had detected the subtle difference from their own irreproachably conventional garments.
But irreproachably polite: you would have been surprised by the sweetness of his speech, if only you understood Urdu.
These playwrights dealt with the duality of Ascendancy identity: they were the English of Ireland, at times considering themselves irreproachably English, yet considered Irish by the English.
The moral tone was irreproachably high; the intellectual rigour must have been exhausting.
Another recent fraud involved anything up to half a million bottles of fake bottles of Fitou sold in China, purporting to come from the irreproachably good Mont Tauch Co-operative, also in the far south of France.
How can you condemn human rights violations abroad if you do not behave irreproachably at home?
One finds a much more broadly attested example of this dynamic in the stories circulated about the foul-mouthed, but irreproachably eloquent, mukhadram poet al-Hutay'a.
magnetized it, and it follows your compass irreproachably.
5 X 3 cm, and irreproachably gemmy in delicate pale lilac, this crystal is a peer of all but the finest of the revered pinkish purple anhydrites found during construction of the Simplon Tunnel in 1902-1903 and 1913-1921.
Scaliger apparently responds to just these difficulties with his second set of surprising arguments: he proceeds to claim that the intellect, insofar as it always acts irreproachably upon the information it is given, is totally incapable of error.
By the latter, on the other hand, I would intend those rare scholars whose work irreproachably derives from Aquinas's writings.
Restless, by contrast, is almost fiendishly, irreproachably dapper--a tense, noirish matinee idol of a book.
To insist, in effect, that no refugee was "more Jewish than the others" in the converso colony, with its numerous border-crossing "renegades," strikes me as approaching an open acknowledgment that no vecino or vecina had reason to regard himself or herself as a full-fledged Jew--and hence, that he or she had better take care to behave irreproachably.