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irrepressible liveliness and good spirit

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Everton, in the end, had no answers, their effort and commitment - which brought a chance squandered by Louis Saha in the first minute - no antidote to Spurs' sheer irrepressibility.
Malvolio's values threaten clowning values (boundary crossing, misrule, indulgent enjoyment), and Maria and the revellers use comic humiliation of a poetically just kind--whereby the punishment of his 'love' for Olivia addresses both his lack of 'charity' and his having ideas above his social station--to assert the irrepressibility of wit allied to enjoyment.
Beloved's travel is a testament to the irrepressibility of trauma and the bottomlessness of what it is we do not remember.
At Holyhead we are constantly amazed at the resilience and irrepressibility of the young adults of Handsworth and Soho.
Still, camp demands an excessive performance and an irrepressibility that does not obtain in Renfrew's literary or cinematic performances of an entirely controlled sensibility.
AT OTHER times there is an irrepressibility about her that bubbles out unabated, a reminder that outside the constraints of the serious day job there's room in her life for plenty of fun.
For Lombroso, atavism explained the recurrence of certain crimes, such as infanticide, and even "the recent upsurge of anti-Semitism and the irrepressibility of dueling.
This almost wordless story features only the simplest of illustrations in only a few muted colours, yet it communicates a powerful message about joy and the irrepressibility of life and growth.
This irrepressibility makes us ask ourselves sometimes whether it is possible to think without language.
Yet, even as the viola solo insists on the impersonality and iterability of this sonic 'argument', or the ultimate irrepressibility of the rage and desire that drive it, it also insists on the individuality of the interests and experiences it seemingly abstracts, or sublimates, for a concert-hall audience.
In my view, it was not the idea of an imaginary separate Sri Lankan state for the Tamils--the elusive Tamil Eelam--that conjoined all of us living in and outside the island, but these tales that we shared with one another, of native cunning and the sheer irrepressibility of the fugitives.
Moreover, my alleged irrepressibility came 24 hours before I completed a month of being repressed - ie, prevented from driving - because of the fleeting health problem I mentioned a few weeks back.
It is also interesting to note that the reaction of whites to the irrepressibility of the mark is to "erase" the mark--or, more accurately, to erase the flesh that bears the mark, the flesh that continually menaces interpretations different from those intended by the white authors, the slave owners.
80) Although Nearing emphasized the social necessity for religion, other modernists simply underlined the irrepressibility of the religious impulse.