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Synonyms for irreplaceable

Synonyms for irreplaceable

impossible to replace

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Becky is simply irreplaceable and we will never fully recover from this loss.
The experience of fulfilling combat tasks in Syria has shown that they (UAV) are irreplaceable in military hostilities," the minister said adding that the number of modern UAVs in the Russian army has increased to 1,720 in 2015 from just 180 drone aircraft in 2011.
Det Con Craig Aubrey of Calderdale CID, said: "I am appealing for any witnesses to the incident between Saturday and Sunday in Cross Stone Road but also to anyone offered jewellery for sale in a deal that 'sounds too good to be true' "Many of these items are of a very important sentimental value to the owners and are irreplaceable.
You need to understand that when I say irreplaceable that doesn't mean that as a team you're not going to score goals.
She said that Saudi Arabia is playing a unique and irreplaceable role in the Muslim world.
Prosecutor Elen Owen told Mold Crown Court that three years' irreplaceable work was held on the computer, relating to his work as a school teacher.
They were singing along to Irreplaceable - it was amazing
Asking for the public's help to bring the raiders to justice, 46-year-old Broadhurst said: "The trophies are irreplaceable to me but they are probably worth nothing to anybody else.
But Holloway admits: "Charlie is simply irreplaceable for us.
An old friend of mine who was struggling as a minister to serve up to eight small chapels in Pembrokeshire once remarked to me wistfully, "I may not be indispensable, but I am irreplaceable.
It reminds consumers that Heinz Tomato Ketchup is so irreplaceable that you don't have to see it to know what it is," said Mike Docherty, brand marketing manager.
to educate the public about how climate change is threatening species--and to show our policymakers we care deeply about the fate of irreplaceable wildlife.
PHOTOS of missing Madeleine McCann that were snatched by a pickpocket are irreplaceable and were carried by her father for ''ages'', her family said today.