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Synonyms for irreplaceable

Synonyms for irreplaceable

impossible to replace

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They are irreplaceable, and we are appealing to whoever took them to hand them back.
Mormonism And Evolution is very strongly recommended to all practitioners and leaders of the Mormon theology as an exclusive and irreplaceable reference for scripture and documentation from the authoritative figures defining church doctrine with respect to the issues of the Biblical creation narrative and Darwinian evolution.
God Saves Sinners is commended to students of the scriptures as an invaluable and irreplaceable commentary and reference.
Although a Champion Tree can be replaced on the list in many cases, the loss of a Historic or Heritage tree is an irreplaceable loss.
As Bear's far and wide assortment of friends testified about Agnew's prodigious skills and superior exploits, it was apparent to all that his is an irreplaceable loss.
They say that it will help endangered toads, but anglers say this will eventually decimate an irreplaceable wild trout fishery in Piru Creek.
The immense valley that runs through Virginia and Pennsylvania was an irreplaceable source of food and industry for North and South alike, and its inhabitants endured immense privation and uncertainties as its fortunes continually changed throughout the war.
The system uses 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, which looks like water but does not damage electronics, art works, and other irreplaceable assets like water does when extinguishing fires.
As gardeners and growers, we are but the latest link in a tradition of stewardship of this invaluable and irreplaceable genetic heritage stretching back over 10,000 years.
DVD PowerSuite can be used to burn data, music or simply make a personal backup copy of educational, multimedia and business software, music CDs, and irreplaceable personal photo CDs and home video DVDs.
He said that one of his functions as managing director is to "instigate an ultra-rigorous way of working that ensures that they won't be" irreplaceable.
The collections chronicle the development of Czech architecture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and before, including irreplaceable archives of movements like Czech Cubism and Czech Functionalism, buildings including the National Theatre and the Town Hall, and on individuals such as Joze Plecnik and Josef Zitek.
Data, however, is the only company asset that is irreplaceable.
Our new Canadian team members bring valuable and irreplaceable knowledge and experience in drumand rotor castings.
If so, maybe that handy prefix "post-" will regain some of its old magic, helping MCA senior curator Elizabeth Armstrong and independent curator Victor Zamudio-Taylor finesse their ambivalence toward the nonetheless irreplaceable label "Latin American" as they showcase fifteen artists from Chile to Mexico.