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Synonyms for irreparable

Synonyms for irreparable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irreparable

impossible to repair, rectify, or amend

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It's only after all relevant factors have been considered that an employer, or a court, can determine whether the relationship has been irreparably harmed by the misconduct.
Your husband needs to rectify his hasty decision before family harmony is irreparably damaged.
The applicant maintained that they are the owners of 750 acres of land of which 55 acres was allotted by Mines and Mineral Development department on orders of Sindh government and if mining continues the fertilizer plant project would suffer irreparably.
Musician Mr Goddard, 50, added: "With this mistake, she has irreparably damaged her life.
Since proving infertile the four-year-old has returned to training with Sir Michael Stoute, although his disappointing return to action in the Golden Jubilee had some knowing wags suggesting the colt's retirement misadventure had irreparably dented his confidence.
But despite being cleared, Australia's most successful Olympian said his reputation had been irreparably tarnished by the allegation.
While it's encouraging that the district court acknowledged the excessiveness of the award to some extent, it doesn't change the fact that the verdict was irreparably flawed and fraught with error," Wyeth spokesman Doug Petkus said in a statement.
If they die instantly, then they probably know nothing about it; if they are injured irreparably they are put out of their suffering almost immediately - no lingering starvation or illness for them.
This short novel, which begins in 1962 on Florence and Edward's wedding night, has many flashbacks and flash forwards as the author puts meat on the bones of what turns out to be an irreparably disastrous experience for the young couple.
The reputations of Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans have been irreparably harmed.
Not Nifong, whose reputation as a prosecutor has been irreparably damaged.
SIR; Further to 'Small but making big leaps' (The Grocer, 15 July, p32), we find increasing evidence that the global supplier-retailer relationship is broken, though not irreparably.
A Lichfield Council spokesman said the unauthorised work had left the Sycamore tree irreparably damaged.
Apparently, novels caused a "bloated imagination") Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham convinced 1950s parents that violent comic books were irreparably corrupting America's simpletons and fourth-graders.
This is really good work by the Ogmore Vale Community Policing Team and goes to show how seriously we take the threat of drugs, which can irreparably damage communities.