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incapable of being removed or away or dismiss


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I told them that I had found the writing at dawn when I was about to leave to work and I couldn't remove it because the ink was irremovable.
A red label will be put on the rejected machines until they are repaired and verified, and all labels are made of irremovable paper in order to prevent fraud and deceit.
Though these two are irremovable parts of the subject reflecting, they are both "objects" of his reflection.
Alcohol Watch uses irremovable stickers, unique to each off-licence, which are stuck to bottles and cans of alcohol popular with under-age drinkers.
A third was the resolution of Michael Boyd, Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 2003, that what would be put in place between the irremovable foyer and the indispensable flytower was an auditorium wrapped around a deep thrust stage.
Excavation ended in FAS because the water table had been reached and in H1B due to the presence of large, irremovable limestone boulders.
Evaluation of Removable and Irremovable Cast Walkers in the Healing of Diabetic Foot Wound: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Her decision to end the lawsuit is partially rooted in the hope that, despite the irremovable mark of incest, they "could become a regular family again.
In a draft, the party's vision for a new constitution mirrors that of most liberals, a parliamentary system with limited powers for the president and guarantees of personal freedoms, a radical change to ensure that no irremovable "pharaoh" like Mubarak can rule.
The reason for this phenomenon is the minimal irremovable layer of the cut material, when cutting with technical edges featuring a non-zero edge radius (Fig.
If the ureteroscope can overcome the tortuous ureter and edematous mucosa to reach the stone, the stone or stone fragments may be washed back to the renal pelvis or calices by outflow of the irrigant, making them unreachable and irremovable with a rigid or semirigid ureteroscope.
Wielding power--the basic and irremovable ground of the political--has no alternative in the human civitas.
Foibles in opposition become disabilities in government; weaknesses become terminal; things that can be glossed over remain like irremovable stains.
During the extraordinary session, House President Marios Garoyian said parliament once more condemns the "double crime of 1974" and declares the Cypriot people's irremovable decision to continue the struggle until the end of the occupation -- until finding a fair, functional and viable solution of the Cyprus problem.