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Synonyms for irremediable

Synonyms for irremediable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irremediable

impossible to remedy or correct or redress


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USPRwire, Tue Nov 18 2014] In line with trends observed towards the end of the review period, a boom in smartphones and tablets in Mexico is irremediably having a negative effect on the dynamism of imaging devices in general, which is seeing a retail volume sales decline of 2% in 2014 (1% decline in 2013), after a review period positive CAGR of 4%.
In other words, a shared desire for community is irremediably thwarted by a lack of community.
Brown sees little hope for the EMU because the monetary regime is profoundly and irremediably flawed.
This was actually the only animal declared irremediably dead by the trackers, thus not edible to Moslems, but quite edible for me.
The unaided senses were irremediably flawed; instruments and experimentation had their limits; observation and measurement inevitably produced discrepant data; literary sources and oral testimony were the worst of all.
Unfortunately that history is an all too familiar landscape of cliche and stereotype: the Roman senatorial class spent every available moment of leisure reclining, nibbling grapes and discussing philosophy; the byways of early fifteenth-century Germany were traipsed by bands of "masterless men;" Renaissance courtiers, curial officials and popes were all irremediably venal and scurrilous.
irremediably separated, and the subjects divided, as in a typical colonial society," (p.
Uppermost in the minds of cultural commentators will be the duty to remember those who died, along with all those whose lives were irremediably affected by the world's first mechanised war.
I learned from Niemeyer that the essence of the human being is movement and we are irremediably a dialectical result of the constant and the variable.
Or is it imbued in ideology and thus irremediably discursive and historically contingent?
It has the unfortunate characteristic of being an irremediably permanent Bretton Woods system for the nations that use it.
By contrast, Petrarch aims at resurrecting these past emotions and signs but they cannot be set aside because they are irremediably lost.
After investigating the use of wireless devices and instant messaging in 11 federal institutions, I have concluded that there is a real risk that information that should be accessible by Canadians is being irremediably deleted or lost, Legault said.
We should not wait for the rest to irremediably slip up before turning them out.
A new, invisible, and at times virtual tyranny is established, one which unilaterally and irremediably imposes its own laws and rules.