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Synonyms for irremediable

Synonyms for irremediable

offering no hope or expectation of improvement

Antonyms for irremediable

impossible to remedy or correct or redress


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A wet day was the expression of irremediable grief at her weakness in the mind of some vague ethical being whom she could not class definitely as the God of her childhood, and could not comprehend as any other.
She said to her own irremediable grief, that it should make her more helpful, instead of driving her back from effort.
She said acorns would produce mistletoe, from which an irremediable poison, the bird- lime, would be extracted and by which they would be captured.
Liars and cheats, skilled in deeds irremediable, accomplished knaves.
The travelers were far from the central point which they would have struck, had their course not been subject to an irremediable deviation.
And so the altercation in the night went on, over the irremediable.
A man must take with him into the world below an adamantine faith in truth and right, that there too he may be undazzled by the desire of wealth or the other allurements of evil, lest, coming upon tyrannies and similar villainies, he do irremediable wrongs to others and suffer yet worse himself; but let him know how to choose the mean and avoid the extremes on either side, as far as possible, not only in this life but in all that which is to come.
I saw my sweet girl was not without her faults, but of these her youth, I trusted, was not one, but rather an earnest of virtues yet unblown - a strong ground of presumption that her little defects of temper and errors of judgment, opinion, or manner were not irremediable, but might easily be removed or mitigated by the patient efforts of a watchful and judicious adviser, and where I failed to enlighten and control, I thought I might safely undertake to pardon, for the sake of her many excellences.
Bute's tale was, that the knavery of the pair was irremediable, and that no properly conducted person should ever notice them again.
I have devoted my creator, the select specimen of all that is worthy of love and admiration among men, to misery; I have pursued him even to that irremediable ruin.
Before the doors of the public-house at the corner, where the profusion of gas-light reached the height of positive wickedness, a four-wheeled cab standing by the curbstone with no one on the box, seemed cast out into the gutter on account of irremediable decay.
I think sometimes that the psychological secret of the profound difference of that people consists in this, that they detest life, the irremediable life of the earth as it is, whereas we westerners cherish it with perhaps an equal exaggeration of its sentimental value.
Trudeau's list, so far, includes finding alternative stealth fighter jets to a fleet of 65 Lockheed Martin F-35s warplanes that the Conservative government put on hold following expensive delays and cost increases, introducing right-to-die legislation following a Supreme Court of Canada's decision earlier this year that legalized physician-assisted suicide for adult Canadians with a "grievous and irremediable medical condition" that causes "enduring" and "intolerable" suffering, as well as legalizing and regulating the use of marijuana.
Instead it could include anyone who "has a grievous and irremediable medical condition (including an illness, disease or disability) that causes enduring suffering that is intolerable to the individual.
C'est dire aux sceptiques de tout bord que notre deficit en matiere de travail n'est pas irremediable.