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the quality of not being devout

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Such a state may promote ideas consistent with democratic republicanism, but will not promote religion over irreligion or the other way around.
In times like those--apparently the "end days," as fundamentalists might say today--it was only natural for the people to swing to extremes, from irreligion and hedonism to superstition.
It indicates this respect to absolute truth by the use it makes of the symbols that are most stable and reverent, and therefore is always provoking the accusation of irreligion.
This situation provides no artificial civil restraints against irreligion but allows profane persons license to follow their natural inclinations.
With regard to irreligion, Catholicism was considered irreligious anyway but the practice in Ireland in the late 18th and early 19th century, a direct result of the laws in place at the time, only reinforced this prejudice.
I'm also a member of the American Humanist Association, Americans United, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and NOW, but you won't see me at secular conferences or out beating drums for three reasons: 1) In my forays into organized irreligion, I found the imposed structure, in-fighting, cronyism, politics, and enforced linguistics and semantics as restrictive and appalling as any that I experienced in the organized religion of my youth; 2) I loathe proselytizing in any form.
It is as an effect of such an understanding of difference that in Aunty Ifeoma's home the "heathen" irreligion of the children's paternal grandfather can co-exist in a penetrative intermingling with the "enlightened" faith of the inhabitants of the flat--an intimacy which is constituted by "pain as difference" precisely because such pain gathers toward itself what is held apart in separation.
12) While I make no claims for Marlowe's personal convictions-about which one can only speculate--I contend that the skepticism of the Tamburlaine plays offered early modern spectators the opportunity to consider irreligion or unbelief as a viable worldview.
Establishment of religion should, under this reading of the Constitution, be defined as government coercion in support of religious ideas or exercise, by giving particular benefits to religion as opposed to irreligion, or by establishing a state church.
These libraries were trammeled by forces besides poor funding: perceived as a threat to denominational education and an incentive to moral degeneration and irreligion, they became the targets of vigilance committees.
Buckley charged that Yale was teaching its students, if not outright communism, at least collectivism of a milder but no less deplorable sort and, what was at least as bad, irreligion.
But irreligion is not enough to gain his approval: John Updike's "grueling homework" and Somerset Maugham's utter stylessness are severely criticized, with some justice.
By acknowledging the powers of all the other gods but subsuming them in her own person, she becomes the symbol for Apuleius of a religion which accepts one god without having too narrow a view of the divine or falling into the trap of 'atheism' or irreligion, charges that were leveled at both Jews and Christians.
benevolent is not so much God, in the sense of religion or irreligion,
However, it gradually came under the influence of a materialist, evolutionist and irreligious mindset and came to play an influential role in the spread of irreligion and materialists in the world as a whole.