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in an irrelevant manner


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Staying side-on to the exit, I mumble irrelevantly at the handset.
And this time round it's going to be even more difficult to call because we now have six big dogs in the fight, rather than the usual two Rottweilers and a couple of Bichon Frises yapping around irrelevantly.
Mr Cessford reveals the paucity of his argument by ineffectively and irrelevantly intruding the issue of abuse.
Not irrelevantly, the British detectives only recently hauled up Gerry Adams, Northern Ireland's prominent political figure, on the suspicion of involvement in a woman's murder by the extremists of the now-defunct Irish Republican Army (IRA).
The unwillingness to make a long-term commitment to the new market or to adequately trust local leadership, combined with the propensity to rigidly replicate the products, business models, and operating systems that have worked at home drives many companies to a midway trap that results in India remaining an irrelevantly small contributor to global growth and profits.
Chiles (who, irrelevantly but quite interestingly, is looking increasingly like Bungle out of Rainbow these days) clearly believes his primary role is to put himself in the shoes of the average viewer, which seems laudable enough but simply doesn't work.
The power elite that rules Egypt today will not produce revolutionary change, it simply wants to assure its existence through implementing the least amount of change possible while resurrecting an irrelevantly patriotic and a pseudo-national rhetoric.
The interruption usually follows one of two or three well-worn paths, which include "The vendor told me nine months"; less relevantly, "It only took Amazon six months to change their website"; or completely irrelevantly, "We already told the board it will take a year.
The misguided on the left are losing faith in the transformative impact of higher education and mutter irrelevantly about reviving apprenticeships.
On the one hand they seek enclosed spaces where they can remove themselves from the world--they will end up in a photo booth, or a bathroom, or, as at the end of Camera, in a phone booth conveniently or irrelevantly set at a crossroads.
Zed had argued that Hindu deities were meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to be irrelevantly branded as "weird" while commenting on an ice hockey game.
There is compressed carbon dioxide in the tart's candy pieces," she said irrelevantly, "with which your saliva interacts to give a popping sensation.
Ohio July 12, 2010) (ruling that an element imposed by state law applies in federal court to defeat a cause of action--the defendant's conduct had to have been previously and officially declared deceptive--but doing so by confused reasoning that irrelevantly embraces Justice Stevens's approach to the REA).
A clear example is offered by D'Costa, who innovatively--and unpersuasively and irrelevantly to people outside his theological circle--has declined to resolve the problem of deceased "righteous" "non-Christians" by following Joseph DiNoia in opening up purgatory to non-Christians who die in a state of grace (itself an epicycle implausible to those outside this particular theological stance).
I think the reviewer has completely missed the sophistication and subtleties of the script and that is why he/she has just decided to compare it, irrelevantly, with other plays.