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Four defeats in a row in pre-season matches in Germany, with 12 goals conceded and only two scored, can't be dismissed as an irrelevance.
There is an old Cherokee saying, which when roughly translated tells us, "Try hunting buffalo armed with irrelevance and see what you eat for dinner that night.
To see the irrelevance of trade to total employment, we need only observe that, between 1965 and 2006, the share of imports in the U.
In a film illustrating the irrelevance of England's ceremonial monarchy, Frears also turns over the rock of our modern and often pathological obsession with celebrities, suggesting that the age of Diana, with its endless public confessions and canniballike feasting on the scabs of ruined lives, is hardly an improvement on what came before.
Roberts, a journalist, details how this mathematical prodigy's work on the principles of symmetry and group theory defended "visual mathematics" during the 1940s, when a group known as the Bourbakis asserted geometry's irrelevance.
The Small Arms conference proved the irrelevance of the United Nations when it comes to imposing itself over the United States.
Once the most powerful Religious Right organization in America, the Christian Coalition is continuing its rapid downward spiral into irrelevance.
At least, in Wednesdays' editions we are normally spared the tedium of the Post People irrelevance, presuma-bly because there are eight pages of it in Post Style.
For incredible irrelevance, get Intel's Centrino on your laptop, or better yet, see Seal, John Cleese, Michael Owen, Lucy Liu, and Tony Hawk all busting ads together, in one way or another, on TVs and Internet portals, bus sides and passenger shelters.
The ineffectiveness and irrelevance of traditional media-driven messaging are glaringly apparent.
He wants to end politicians' control over ``safe seats'' that have perverted our elections to the point of irrelevance.
Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy has dismissed the debate over United's tactics as an irrelevance.
While attractive in theory, guidelines may not deliver on their promise due to their authors' frequent undisclosed conflicts of interest, (2) to the guidelines' probable irrelevance to patient populations with diverse comorbidities, (3) to the guidelines' inadequate adjustments for illness severity and patient preferences, (4) and their unreliable adoption by clinicians.
Certainly their irrelevance to any pressing issue means they are no harbingers of the future.
Having a combat officer show up the irrelevance of "don't ask" in Iraq, student leaders toll it the way it is in our high schools, and a new columnist take on the "Bible brigade," in rapid succession, takes some guts.