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However, it would appear those in power have conducted a risk assessment concluding the projected loss to the economy in tax revenue, totally unacceptable if these apparently irrefutably unhealthy substances were outlawed entirely.
At approximately 400,000 sq ft in area this garden, whose fountain; exotic flowering shrubs and trees; and gazebos, are presented to Sheikh Zayed Road will irrefutably enhance the reputation of Dubai as one of the most beautifully landscaped cities in the Middle East.
The LF leader said no improvement could be achieved unless the borders were irrefutably controlled.
Or perhaps it's just the fact that we're now irrefutably old and past it.
If it is irrefutably proven that the blood of innocent Muslims is spilled by the negligence of mujahideen then a penalty should be implemented in accordance with sharia," the statement added.
Deputy chief detective Matheus Salempang said Syarif s motives and any links with terror groups are still under investigation, but it had been "concluded and irrefutably proven" that he was the bomber.
So, my concern was shared at the highest level and I am sure the investigators must have come to the same conclusion: the lack of law enforcement is directly and irrefutably the cause of the hazardous road conditions we have to endure.
State finances are irrefutably in dire straits, even if things are already looking rosier for the dirty bankers who put us in the mire.
China is irrefutably one of the world's most powerful nations, boasting an immense population of 1.
Army is irrefutably the largest corporate organization in the world, yet its personnel management lexicon is stuck in time.
In addition to the indelible ink, police are also using an advanced DNA forensic crime reduction system, which irrefutably links criminals to crime scenes and provides an unbreakable chain of evidence.
While we might wonder whether or not it makes a difference, in the global scheme of things, to change one's household products, it irrefutably makes a difference in the bodies of the people who live there.
His mentor, Karl Barth, likewise affirmed in his Church Dogmatics that "deliberate abortion is irrefutably seen to be sin, murder and transgression.
We shall irrefutably prove that he worked with CNN; that he was a Mossad member; that he worked with SAVAK as a young man.
It should be clear by now to anyone who takes the time to read and study the information on the subject of human-produced global warming that it is not an irrefutably established scientific fact that we can ignore at our peril and which will doom life on earth unless radical actions are taken immediately.