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Shouman added that the division of inheritance is a clear and irrefutable matter that was mentioned clearly in the Holy Quran.
The failure of the Security Council to make the Middle East a free zone of all weapons of mass destruction, whether because of its inability to subdue the nuclear programs of all countries in the region, without exception, to the international control and inspection or to prevent any country in the region from possessing nuclear weapons, is another irrefutable evidence and proof of its inability to carry out its duties and hold its responsibilities.
DiLorenzo provides page after page of quotes from Lincoln himself and his associates that offer irrefutable proof of the man's decades-long hope that freed blacks be removed from this country.
Because it is a fact not open to irrefutable proof--like say two and two equal four-although it is altogether likely that advanced mathematicians can cast doubt even on that modest proposal.
Marsha Robbins prayed to be made forewoman, and in an irrefutable proof of God's bounty ended up getting the position uncontested.
Dennis Bergkamp delivered an irrefutable case for a final one-year contract as Arsenal ensured considerable cause for FA Cup final concern at Old Trafford with a seven-goal rout against Everton.
Granted, this property is fortunate in that it lies near the cross-section of two of Manhattan's premier retail corridors, but a broader look at this past year's Midtown sales demonstrate an irrefutable trend and debunk any claim that the sale of 743 Fifth Avenue was simply an anomaly.
With that one irrefutable statement, a ray of lovely light shone in that prowling, restless place.
The irrefutable fact is that the educational environment does affect student well-being and performance.
It's comforting to know that growing numbers of Americans are coming to understand that separation of church and state is the irrefutable keystone of our enduring freedom.
As his own irrefutable exegeses make clear, images have the ability to change in coloring in different contexts, to be inflected by other images even while retaining expressive communicability and clarity.
To a layperson unimpressed with the omniscient majesty of the law, Harmon's refusal to be confused by irrefutable facts--thereby allowing innocent convicts to rot in prison or even to be executed--appears to be not merely cruel and harsh but dementedly stupid.
WHEN it comes to mothers there are certain things which are irrefutable.
The new data "provide irrefutable evidence that vitamin D deficiency is a major unrecognized epidemic in adult women of childbearing age," argues Michael F.
While one might challenge Burnham's indictment of these institutions and people for the loss of tribal lands, his statement that the "national parks system was a major beneficiary of this loss" is irrefutable.