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the doctrine that irredenta should be controlled by the country to which they are ethnically or historically related

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There the irredentism is direct, while resistance is evoked obliquely in the lyrics narrated by a woman in exile in Jiangnan who alludes, in another ambiguous reference to bloodshed along the Great Wall, to her absent fiance's possible death.
presence as necessary to counteract possible Chinese irredentism or a revival of Japanese militarism.
The latter two, if realized, would be replete "with endless instability, with rebellions, irredentism and foreign intervention the order of the day.
ItCOs the kind of statement you would expect from a warrior of Greek diplomacy who after, say, four decades of battling it out with the Turks has grown weary of all the barbed irredentism and jingoistic strategies that led everyone nowhere.
Turkish irredentism would have been satisfied by such claims, and Ataturk's already heightened post-World War I popularity would have soared.
Hence the sense of betrayal felt by the Israeli left, which long promoted a pacific interpretation of Palestinian strategy if not tactics, and befuddlement in the Clinton administration over Arafat's rejection and Palestinian irredentism as manifested in the second intifada.
An outspoken exponent of irredentism, Oberlaender promoted the political interests of Germans resettled from the lost eastern territories and attracted significant electoral support among right-wing nationalists for Adenauer's government.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Balkans were affected by the politics of irredentism on the one hand, and by extreme applications of nationalism on the other.
All demands for recognition, inclusion (rather than submission) and democratic rights were labeled as either obscurantism or irredentism.
To contain the aspirations of the Greater Somalians, Kenya and Ethiopia not only signed a defence pact in 1964 but have always taken a keen interest in the affairs of Somalia by supporting leaders who abhor irredentism.
opposition and Azerbaijani suspicions of Iranian irredentism.
That means, in this case, forestalling a further metastasis of violent ethnic irredentism throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
Kotzias is said to have complained to Minister Poposki that Macedonia nurtures a spirit of irredentism and as "evidence" he mentioned the history textbooks and maps they included, and the pictures with ornaments and soldiers from the period of antiquity.
It was colonialism's purpose that left us with our border irredentism, that rejected our ethnic and cultural fusion.
These are the words of the head of an organization dreaded in Turkey, evoking fears of Kurdish irredentism although living in other lands.