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the doctrine that irredenta should be controlled by the country to which they are ethnically or historically related

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Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos voiced his stance on Sunday again demanding that Macedonia should change its Constitution and should agree to a name that won't radiate irredentism while providing three guarantees: "no" to changing borders, "no" to ethnic communities outside of the borders and "no" to a language that would insist on rights outside of the borders.
In short, both will discourage independence for fear that irredentism will gain the upper hand in their respective countries.
Shane Strate's book does not just provide new insights into the '1893 crisis', Thailand's irredentism during the Second World War, and the campaign to 'recover' Preah Vihear temple in the late 1950s; it lays out an entirely new framework for understanding a persistent dynamic of Thai history that continues to dog Thai politics to this day.
Algeria has also always feared the rise of Tuareg irredentism, both at home and in the Sahel.
Their topics include border disputes in Southeast Asia and their impact on the regional integration process, claiming Phy Quoc/Koh Tral: irredentism as a recurrent theme of Cambodian domestic politics, the South China Sea conflict: ten thousand stones and a nine-dash line: rethinking maritime space concepts, the logic of strategic response and prospects for joint development in the South China Sea, and whether the spring 2014 incidents in the South China Sea will trigger a more intense and assertive security discourse in China.
However, the premises concerning ethnic kinship are worth revising because the explanatory framework of irredentism is based merely on Donald Horowitz's theoretical approach toward irredentism (p.
What Obama failed to recognize is that irredentism is just as effective at fueling ideological extremes.
Completing the formula, Putin appeals to Russians' sense of historical loss and former glory, openly praising irredentism and militarisation.
These are not confined to some kind of irredentism unable to add insights to an African as well as a globally (or universally) relevant debate (cf.
During his extended medical leave in 1913, Musil stayed in Italy from August to December, and had the opportunity to observe a vociferous resurgence of Irredentism in Trieste.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Amid the rising number of threats, such as NATO's expansion and Ukraine's irredentism in the Black Sea region, Russia is building up its military capabilities in Crimea, including the possible deployment of ground troops to the peninsula.
Consequently, irredentism in the name of ideological zealotry among rulers has posed real dangers to national interests by inviting counter arguments that will be a headache for Turkey for some time.
Irredentism in the UK spain Belgium france and italy or denmark (over faroe islands and greenland) is far elder stronger and deeper.
Such widespread public display of irredentism in their favor must be flattering, but one is well-advised to handle it with caution.
e; ethnic particularism sectarianism sub-nationalist separatism or irredentism inspired nationalisms need to be confronted with zero tolerance.