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a region that is related ethnically or historically to one country but is controlled politically by another


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war or in attempts to recover notional irredenta, and the pursuit of
The Hokkaido Prefectural Government embraces the cause, and a large observation tower has been erected on the eastern tip of Hokkaido so tourists there can see the terra irredenta.
It is not only Russia that pressures Azerbaijan to limit its relationship with the West; it is Iran, afraid of Azerbaijani irredenta, as well.
What is certain is that Guantanamo irredenta might become Latin America's war cry against the United States.
With a circular riverrun nod to the opening "You don't know about me, without you have read a book" (1), the end of the story, reminiscent of a certain studious Hawthornian protagonist, sees the hero poised in an unspecified scriptorium, irredenta of sorts, with a pen between his fingers, self-consciously, if also conventionally self-deprecatingly, manufacturing (tackling the making of) a book out of the vast tract of scriptura continua behind him.
Los rios crean laberintos, la tierra es esteril e irredenta y la ventisca que arrasa el paisaje es mas temible que cualquier tempestad.
Wherever you draw those boundaries, you create an irredenta on either side of the border.
Because of the geographical contiguity with Sri Lanka, I consider Sri Lankan Tamils in southern India to he an irredenta group, not a diaspora.