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Synonyms for irredeemable

insusceptible of reform

(of paper money) not convertible into coin at the pleasure of the holder

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Hillary Clinton contemptuously calls millions of workers who refuse to vote for her deplorable, even irredeemable.
By Ohler's account, Hitler was an irredeemable drug user with ruined veins by the time he retreated to the last of his bunkers as the Red Army invaded Berlin in 1945.
She's not going to become Michelle Obama or something like that, but I don't think anyone is irredeemable in Gotham.
Re-constructing some vandalized ruins is possible despite the ultimate losses that are archeologically irredeemable in terms of genuineness" (REPORT)
According to a report provided by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Turkey will face irredeemable water shortages, especially after 2050, if it continues to consume from its available water sources at the current speed.
2 are set for a spring 2015 publication, whereas Irredeemable has not received a specific time frame as of yet.
Qorbani said, "Endorsing Israel's killing of innocent Palestinians is irredeemable.
He said: "Nothing that I say in the remainder of these sentencing remarks can provide comfort or recompense for Lydia's death; a child is priceless, so the loss of a child is an irredeemable loss.
Iraq's justice system still has huge deficiencies which mean that resorting to even a small number of executions is risking a grave and irredeemable miscarriage of justice," Colville added, Reuters reported.
Last week, Kumar had filed a defamation suit and sought an injunction against publication or broadcast of anything related to the sexual harassment allegations saying that the same was causing him " irredeemable damage.
His perspectives are stylistic choices and intellectual armature, Melville's melancholy landscapes, Poe's mirrored memory palaces, and reclaiming irredeemable loss.
This mindless act presaged the 11 September terrorist attacks on the USA and virtually sealed the Taliban regime's fate, for it revealed to the civilised world the irredeemable malevolence of these bigots and their al-Qaeda cronies.
If nothing is done, the blight will soon be irredeemable, with areas resembling the road to Jericho rather than any promised land.
But in a written statement, Mr Andrews said: "Where a school is found by Estyn to be failing, and I regard the situation as irredeemable, I will close it.
Or will she slip further into irredeemable melancholy?