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Synonyms for irredeemable

insusceptible of reform

(of paper money) not convertible into coin at the pleasure of the holder

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3) In these new altcoin enterprises we see a working embodiment of competitive issue of irredeemable money by profit-seeking private firms.
Otherwise, it will bring irredeemable loss for the country and the people," Xi said, urging various industries to improve safety supervision and preventive measures.
For one thing, its criminal mastermind isn't an irredeemable monster.
Michael Clarke's team looked like an irredeemable rabble when they were humiliated at Lord's last month and trailed 2-0 in the five-Test series.
It's not so easy with bad public sculpture, where the badness is often on an irredeemable scale.
We hope that parents and pupils can understand why we will not tolerate schools that are failing and where the situation is irredeemable.
One of his specialities was obtaining good players for knockdown prices because others had given up on them as irredeemable troublemakers.
Summary: If one were an irredeemable optimist, upcoming events in Venezuela and Colombia could be viewed as a harbinger of good things to come.
His perspectives are stylistic choices and intellectual armature, Melville's melancholy landscapes, Poe's mirrored memory palaces, and reclaiming irredeemable loss.
If nothing is done, the blight will soon be irredeemable, with areas resembling the road to Jericho rather than any promised land.
London Legal Salon coordinator, Luke Samuel, responds with far-reaching insights and argues that the ICC is an irredeemable behemoth set up to massage the moral standing of Western powers.
In fact, were it not for the prospect of Alan stamping all over the candidates' inflated egos in his size nine beetle-crushers like a furious spoilt toddler in a roomful of the wrong colour birthday balloons, it would be an utterly irredeemable watch.
But in a written statement, Mr Andrews said: "Where a school is found by Estyn to be failing, and I regard the situation as irredeemable, I will close it.
Or will she slip further into irredeemable melancholy?
His enemies will be a dastardly group of super-villains from an organization called Gangsters, Imposters, Racketeers, Liars and Irredeemable Ex-cons - the girlie Men for short.