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Synonyms for irrecoverable



Synonyms for irrecoverable

incapable of being recovered or regained

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Claim in case of total irrecoverable loss of use of one eye or one limb (Limb Means leg or hand) due to accident
The State Bank issued a circular on Nov 21 which said that requirements for write-off of irrecoverable loans and advances had been revisited for consumer financing.
KBC acknowledges any residual amount is irrecoverable KBC SPOKESMAN
Avril Jones, Director of Collections Services at the Library said: "We are very disappointed some items were smoke and water damaged and some items were irrecoverable.
It is necessary to resume power supply and to stop the actions derogating rights of other citizens and causing irrecoverable damage for the country's economy and peace," he declared.
Instead it ruled the Ibrox club did not gain a "sporting advantage" and settled for a PS250,000 fine, most of which - if not all - is irrecoverable given the company is in liquidation.
Failure to take this simple measure may result in a substantial irrecoverable financial loss.
60 travellers held-up in UK should be able to cancel after 24 hours' delay and claim for any irrecoverable costs.
Given that a large chunk of this amount consisted of interest and penalties and was considered irrecoverable, lawmakers reasoned that the cash-strapped state can at least recover the initial nominal amounts owed to the Inland Revenue Department.
as irrecoverable in fiscal 2011, ministry officials said Thursday.
Afghan Senate House sees the death of senior Afghan officials in Takhar province as an irrecoverable loss in the country.
In all cases recovery action has been actively pursued and exhausted by the council and the debts are deemed irrecoverable.
The proposed power projects above Devling should be dropped in order to protect the rich and irrecoverable biodiversity in the high altitude of Himalayan region around Khatling glacier," an activist added.
significant irrecoverable holding costs and through the repayment of
The funds are irrecoverable and useless unless realized by 2015.