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insusceptible of reform

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In the mean time the industrious and irreclaimable hours continued their labours.
This turnkey had given him to understand that he was lodged, like some few others in the jail, apart from the mass of prisoners; because he was not supposed to be utterly depraved and irreclaimable, and had never occupied apartments in that mansion before.
Wright remains totally unforgiving in his dismay over Bari, the one irreclaimable city in his otherwise favorite country.
Talking like this," Arnie says vis-a-vis Bucky's narrative, "was a pouring forth that before long he could not control, neither an unburdening nor a remedy so much as an exile's painful visit to the irreclaimable homeland, the beloved birthplace that was the site of his undoing" (245).
Throughout the bank, we were all very scared, from top down to a teller level," Smith said of the financial crisis that peaked in 2009 and caused irreclaimable losses at the bank.
As Marxists believed that capitalism led to the oppression of the proletariat, Parsons believed that the exploitative and irreclaimable nature of capitalism was undermining collective freedoms.
Some websites, particularly those that auction the pottery, refer to the historic crafter as "Dave the Slave," a market-ready rhyme that redeems through renomination the irreclaimable and anonymous slave masses of history.
The rolling dunes derived from glacial outwash eroded from the Rockies were once long considered an irreclaimable desert colonized and dominated by yucca, cacti and endangered blowout penstemom.
The bien-pensants have adopted home-insurance and neckties, while the irreclaimable traditionalists, stigmatized already as "dumb," want to continue with drinking sessions and cockfights.
Whatever the case may be, there is throughout the poem an aura of threat, which sits uneasily with the ideality of Xhosa warrior-nobility and suggests an unconscious intimation of settler fright, or even an implied admission that Xhosa otherness is irreclaimable.