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the state of being insubstantial or imaginary

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Spariosu points out that Fink's theory of play topples the Platonic dialectic that elevates reality above irreality.
Irreality could be more effectively expressed partly with the help of modals and partly by the simple past tense of the verb.
87) The evanescence of everything past, and a persistent sense of the irreality of even the most mundane memories mark this story, as is true for so much of Celati's sadly comic writing.
In matters of irreality, medieval philosophers were not much concerned with fiction as such.
Conveniently, of course, that condition is engaged in the latter part of the poem by an odd moment of suspensory irreality as "the churchyard hangs / Upon a slope above the village school" (29-30; 5.
Western 'cargo cult' discourse thus finds itself explaining an irreality.
The Genius B2, moreover, reflects what Paul de Man, for example, in the citation with which I introduce the paper, would associate with exploring irreality.
Carrot-headed creatures and cock-suckers; vaginal openings and malicious doings; empty rooms filled with sunlight, dancing djinni smoke, and tiny mythic beings on pedestals; men, women, bodies dreamt from realms where there is no use for gender: capturing both the surreality and irreality of life in timbres of sunrise and sunset, Clemente is in silent conversation with himself about what it means to give form in paint to the ferocity and tenderness of the imagination.
With appropriate markers of irreality, narrated events may be ascribed to a foreign world.
As I experienced it, this place is not really a city, and its inhabitants are not really inhabitants--there exists a certain atmospheric quality of irreality and dogma unlike anywhere else on earth.
What new crises of hyperreality, irreality, and representation are instantiated, and even instigated, by the trend among contemporary documentarians to pursue subjects who inhabit the margins of mainstream society?
Another level of textual irreality is created when Vovin cites the same text-fragment twice in difference places, but has it wrong both times on the evidence of the Suzuki manuscript (e.
Hinks's observations are so sly that one does not know whether their irreality comes from technique or the situation being described.
A]ll roads branching out of physicalism may in the end seem to converge at the same point, the irreality of the mental.