irrational impulse

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a strong spontaneous and irrational motivation

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This may result in you waking up in the hour before the dawn with an irrational impulse to get married.
However, to maintain enough social order to enable societies to function, these irrational impulses or residuas must be given a rational veneer.
Yet the fact is that Gorbachev, no matter if a man of half-truth and of an inexorably doomed attempt to humanize totalitarianism, as the Lithuanian poet and literary scholar Tomas Venclova has labeled him, proved far less driven by irrational impulses of power and blood-thirst than one could expect from the cornered head of the most dangerous and unpredictable state in the world.
When they held talks in September 2002 in Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il told Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi that the abductions were conducted ''by special intelligence agents driven by irrational impulses and heroism.
The individual's social experience could control or trigger the release of irrational impulses.
Burt argues that these two notions are psychologically irreconcilable; that although we can deny the ambivalence resulting from attempts to reconcile them, we cannot suppress it; and that the struggle to maintain the denial is likely to eventuate in the eruption of irrational impulses and the emergence of strategies of concealment associated with mistreatment of the dying.