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the workplace where iron is smelted or where iron goods are made

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We view the Ironworks as a golden opportunity for an enlightened firm to identify itself with one of the world's coolest and most eclectic neighborhoods," said David W.
The Neath Abbey Ironworks built in 1792 made early steam locomotives as well as ship and mine engines.
Tondu Ironworks, near Bridgend, which includes a refurbished engine house and the remains of hot blast stoves, coke ovens and a drift mine, has been put on the market for a guide price of PS400,000 by receivers appointed after the closure of Groundwork Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot.
Sarah Probert, Business Studies Lecturer at NSC, who helped arrange the session, commented, "I cannot thank the British Ironworks enough for putting on such a fantastic demonstration class in Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.
Colin Loughlin, chairman of Hamper Llangollen, said: "If you go to the British Ironworks Centre, the drive looks like a giant safari park, with all sorts of exotic animals all over the place - it's incredible.
Ironworks provides interactive, portal and content management solutions as well as business and IT alignment services.
Its historical links are symbolised by the original Cargo Fleet Ironworks sign, which was uncovered during restoration work.
08, 2010, SPA -- Three workers died and five others were injured Wednesday after a container of molten iron spilled at an ironworks in east China&'s Shandong Province.
CONCERNS have been raised about the state of a listed building at an old ironworks which is crumbling rapidly.
Summary: Some 5,000 direct jobs will be created by an ironworks project to be created by the Algerian industrial group Cevital in Bellara (Jijel, 359km east of Algiers), announced Thursday the group's chairman, Issaad Rebrab.
Forged at the Noah Hingley & Sons ironworks, the 153/4 ton anchor was the marvel of the age.
If the vehicle flew at the height of 2 to 3 km, it was surely filled by explosives," said Nove Georgievski, deputy director of Skopje's Ironworks.
Ironworks has been serving the law enforcement community for the past 15 years and has a rock-solid reputation with their customers.
A group of volunteers has been helping get vintage steam locomotive Renishaw Ironworks No.
Ironworks are no exception, with the region embracing the art as it does every luxury product.