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a person who makes articles of iron

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Lynch said he strapped on work boots for 18 years as an ironworker, grew up in a public housing project and has stood in unemployment lines, asserting that he understands the challenges of working families in Central Massachusetts.
Billy Geoghan, center, follows fellow ironworker James Brady up a ladder to the 104th floor of One World Trade Center in New York
After his win, the ironworker said: "I called my boss this morning and told him I was quitting.
I am reminded of the ironworker who insisted that he needed no protection from a 50-foot level because, he said, "If I fall, I'll catch the steel.
Robinson's AL ZAMPA AND THE BAY AREA BRIDGES (0738529966) commemorates the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, named after an ironworker whose work fostered the creation of all the Bay Area bridges.
Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, plays an ironworker who is cheating on his wife Kitty (Susan Sarandon) with flame-haired Tula (Winslet, below).
Construction worker (laborer), cowboy, dancer, fisherman, garbage collector, ironworker, lumberjack, roofer, seaman, and welder.
In this city where many starve, jobs count whether you are former IRA terrorist turned ironworker like Michael Briody, illegal bankdrop artist Grace Masterson, or the Deputy Commissioner of Buildings Johnny Farrell, the building means money and political careers can fall off the observation walk or vanish into a crater if one betrays the bosses who run the island.
A two-year initiative launched by the Construction Sector Council (CSC) and the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada (AHRDCC) will provide job opportunities in the ironworker trade for Aboriginal youth across Canada.
Jerry McDonald remembers that rain had just begun to fall when he and his fellow ironworker, Dennis LeBorgne, emerged from a 60-foot pit at Ground Zero.
Class one includes such occupations as construction worker, bricklayer, porter and ironworker.
With annual revenues of approximately $300 million, Comstock is a multi-disciplined contractor providing electrical, mechanical, mill righting, boilermaker and ironworker services.
Tenders are invited for Scotchman 50514-CM 93hp) Less Angle Shear Hydraulic Ironworker and various options
io is pleased to offer IronWorker as an Application Service within the Azure Marketplace, providing a key infrastructure component that gives developers immediate access to highly scalable event-driven computing services.
Hooper, US Army, Special Forces and Michelle Guertin, also an Ironworker of Union Local 7 (following in her Father's footsteps) ; two brothers, Robert Guertin and his wife Janet, Roger Guertin and his wife Janet; a sister, Pauline Anctil and her husband Alex; three grandchildren, Christopher, Amanda and Rebecca Parks; a great granddaughter Ava; an aunt, Irene, nieces, nephews, several cousins and friends.