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work made of iron (gratings or rails or railings etc)

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The British Ironwork Centre has pledged to melt down all the items handed in across the country and make a sculpture dedicated to knife crime victims.
The tender is the supply of street signs and related ironwork for Assens Municipality.
Descriptions of particular tools and other items are arranged in such sections as iron smelting and smithing, textile manufacturing tools, building ironwork and furniture fittings, buckles and personal equipment, and horse equipment.
Over the past two months in excess of 50 items of ironwork have been removed and disposed of.
Where new ironwork sections have to be created, these will be fabricated to match original patterns as faithfully as possible.
Wrought ironwork manufacturers in the region have realised the potential in their products and gone to town on producing the highest quality, most versatile creations that technology allows.
You are quite correct in mentioning the utility companies as nearly all ironwork except from the drainage gullies in the channels are their property.
Dorothea Restorations is the market leader in the conservation and restoration of architectural and engineering cast and wrought ironwork.
While the house already has gorgeous floor tiles, interesting ironwork and a number of hand-painted walls and ceilings, the kitchen ``was the only thing that didn't fit into the home,'' Dorman said.
Highlights in the line include Celebration, a floral sidewall with shades of green and gold and a deep brick red on a cream-colored field; Sunsplashed, a sidewall with a marbleized ground in a creamy, pale yellow, and Ironwork Filigree, an architectural scroll work design in such colors as deep plum, forest, sage and blue-grays.
Empty heraldic devices and cameos, themselves framed with baroque arabesques of simulated ironwork or carved wood, mirror the blankness of the central holes and refuse the signs of paternal identity usually proffered by these devices.
8m wide footway for approximately 400m in length, together with associated ironwork adjustment and kerbing works.
displays the art of modern artist-blacksmiths with approximately 250 images of ironwork in the form of flowers, grapevines, animal sculptures, and candlesticks and other fine variations on functional objects.
A lovely set of inspirational ironwork pieces makes for a winning survey.
The external ironwork was an inspired stroke by Scotland's pre-eminent architect of the era and is definitely a one- off.