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work made of iron (gratings or rails or railings etc)

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the works defined in this contract apply to existing works as well as those to be built or incorporated in the grand seaport and include: execution studies, locksmithing, seals, ironwork and metalwork, preparation and the protection of ironworks, deconstruction of ironwork, fencing, supply and installation of complete works, and various interventions as detailed in the price schedule.
Nigel Tyas Ironwork will hold an open afternoon called 'At the anvil - keeping ironworking skills alive' on Friday, from 2.
The event, one of the biggest in Llangollen, has been held on the town's Pavilion field on and off for nearly 20 years, but next year will be at the British Ironwork Centre in Shropshire.
Surrender a Knife" was run by Cleveland Police alongside the British Ironwork Centre, which provided secure bins for Teesside police stations.
Ironwork in medieval Britain; an archaeological study.
Ironwork Today 3: Inside and Out packs in over 400 color photos documenting a range of iron art pieces being created by modern artist-blacksmiths across the country, and is a pick for any arts holding.
Each piece of ironwork which is stolen costs the local authority about pounds 250 to replace.
Now craftsmen are starting work on the canopies and will replace the many panes of glass and repair ironwork.
Companies from Cuba and Spain penned, within the framework of Havana's 27th International Trade Fair, a letter of intent to improve the quality of the sanitation products made at the Ironwork Plant in Havana, reports ACN (Nov.
German ironwork maestro Fibo is doing brisk business in the Middle East, reports MOLLY LANSCOMBE
Morocco was one of the more prominent themes throughout, as patterns were reminiscent of the tile, ironwork and textiles of the country, in rich, saturated colors.
STAFFORDSHIRE-based Linford Group is broadening its horizons with the acquisition of architectural ironwork specialist Dorothea Restorations Ltd for an undisclosed sum.
ART NOUVEAU IRONWORK OF AUSTRIA AND HUNGARY uses some five hundred color photos to capture the rich examples of Art Nouveau ironwork to be found in an array of business and residential districts throughout Budapest and Vienna.
The campus will feature more performance and rehearsal spaces, a restored grand entrance, a glass-covered arcade with cascading staircases and ornate ironwork and a side mews gallery entrance to be used as a public exhibition space.
While the house already has gorgeous floor tiles, interesting ironwork and a number of hand-painted walls and ceilings, the kitchen ``was the only thing that didn't fit into the home,'' Dorman said.