ironmonger's shop

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a store selling hardware

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Or maybe it's because someone at ITV genuinely does laugh their socks off at the idea of four blokes in brown coats selling nails in an old-fashioned ironmonger's shop.
Wherever there's a market for quality hand tools -and an outlet such as an ironmonger's shop or DIY store to serve it -Carl Kammerling International Ltd has probably made a pitch for business.
Entrepreneur Mr Eamonn Ryan, who is building the pub in a former ironmonger's shop, said the development was the "best thing" to happen to Frinton.
The stunning 21-year-old from Mauritius he knows as Alisha picked him up in an ironmonger's shop.
The business can trace its trading history back to 1864 when it opened an ironmonger's shop in Haverfordwest.
Originally an ironmonger's shop, belonging to Solly Andrews, when City Road was known as Castle Road, the garage seemed to sell everything and I believe it was the first garage in Cardiff to be open 24 hours a day.
Holmes's father was a cabinet maker who worked in an ironmonger's shop.
Joe McDonald was working in an ironmonger's shop when the bomb went off only 20 yards away from him last Saturday.
In a Western Mail tribute to the Welsh entrepreneur in 2005, historian Brian Lee wrote, "Originally an ironmonger's shop belonging to Solly Andrews when City Road was known as Castle Road, the garage seemed to sell everything.
In almost 70 years of service, she saw the business blossom from a one-room ironmonger's shop to a multi-million-pound concern employing 1,200 people.