iron curtain

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an impenetrable barrier to communication or information especially as imposed by rigid censorship and secrecy

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Iron Curtain populations were also well aware--despite the ceaseless barrage of Communist propaganda - that their Western European neighbors on the other side of the curtain were often ruled by Socialist parties who took and left power according to the wishes of their electorate.
Based on recently declassified state records, newly opened archives, private documents, and witness interviews, Iron Curtain deftly recreates the world of postwar Eastern Europe, where the horrors of the Nazi occupation were immediately followed by the ravages of Soviet occupation.
To be sure, the iron curtain that has descended across Egypt has also descended on the heart of every Arab who loves Egypt and its people.
Patrick Wright disassembles conventional assumptions that define the Iron Curtain as a conflict between the West and the Soviet bloc.
It is of high importance for me that the route stretches across Macedonia and I hope that in few years, when I return, I will inaugurate the Macedonian part of the iron curtain.
The iron curtain approach quantifies a misstatement based on the effects of correcting the misstatement existing in the balance sheet at the end of the current year, irrespective of the misstatement year(s) of origination.
As well as British beers such as Iron Curtain Russian Stout (Titanic Brewery) and Old Tom Chocolate Ale from Robinsons, we're promised Mikkel's Viking Return from Denmark; Yo-Ho Yona Yona, Japan; Barons Black Wattle Original Ale, Australia, and Namyslow Original Plum Beer from Poland.
Peter Sis tells the story of his childhood growing up during turbulent times in Czechoslovakia behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.
Wright is concerned with the use of language by writers and the 'distorted pictures' which 'helped to maintain the Iron Curtain in people's minds since 1946'.
We look forward to Coun Tilsley's attempts to control eating habits by throwing an iron curtain around Birmingham.
Daniloff, who worked for UPI, describes the difficulties of being a reporter behind the Iron Curtain during a time of crisis.
Peter Sis, author of The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain (Farrar/Frances Foster), was named the winner of the 2008 Robert F.
Iron Curtain From Stage to Cold War Patrick Wright Oxford UP 488pp [pounds sterling]18.
Grimberg's collection of memories of life behind the Iron Curtain is an essential key to understanding a way of life which millions led in the 20th century.
Once shrouded behind the Iron Curtain, friends and colleagues of the iconic dancer speak freely about his time in the Soviet Union.