iron carbide

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a chemical compound that is a constituent of steel and cast iron

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The iron carbide plant would be sited near steel maker Iscor's Sishen iron ore mine and would involve the laying of a gas pipeline from Sasol's plants in the Orange Free State or from the Kudu gas fields off the Namibian coast.
Moreover, even though silicon reduces chill carbides, it doesn't necessarily reduce intercellular iron carbides.
The first phase of the project is a bankable feasibility study that will include studies of DRI, HBI, Iron Carbide, Pig Iron, and Granulated Iron.
Should the iron ore export business get off the ground it could provide the impetus for mineral-based industrial business elsewhere in the region as a proposal to build an iron carbide plant on the Gabonese coast would provide a market for the ore.
18, 1996--Lockwood Greene announced today that it has been selected by Qualitech, a steel production company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, to start working on a new iron carbide plant projected to start in August of 1998.
When commissioned in the 3rd Quarter of 1998, the plant, through the use of iron carbide, ladle metallurgy, vacuum degassing, and the latest casting technology, will set new standards in product quality.
The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) has undertaken a pre-feasibility study for a plant at Phalaborwa, Northern Transvaal, using Pande gas to convert magnetite to iron carbide in a development costed at $800m.
Under the terms of the agreement, ECT invested $34 million -- $14 million in equity and $20 million in subordinated debt -- toward the development and construction of a technologically-advanced steel minimill in Indianapolis, Indiana, and an iron carbide production facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Air Liquide America will expand its Hydrogen Pipeline System by building a new steam methane reformer to supply 24 million standard cubic feet per day of hydrogen to Qualitech's first US-based iron carbide production facility.
This may be explained as a result of excessive residual magnesium serving as an iron carbide stabilizer in ductile iron.
CLEVELAND, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonald & Company (NYSE: MDD) announced the recent completion of a $500 million project-financing package that will enable Qualitech Steel Corporation, a newly formed start-up minimill, to build a technologically advanced steel minimill and an iron carbide production facility.
Minimizing iron carbide formation in iron (to create an easier-to-machine condition) demands that graphite form during eutectic solidification.
CLEVELAND, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Qualitech Steel Corporation, a newly formed start-up steel company to be headquartered in Pittsboro, Indiana, announced today that it had closed on $500 million of financing for the development and construction of a technologically advanced steel minimill and an iron carbide production facility.
A fine pearlite, which is a lamellar matrix structure composed of alternating plates of ferrite and iron carbide, enhances the cast iron hardness and strength properties.