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a cage from which there is no escape

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Plunged straight into the action, the girls end up trapped in a rusty iron cage on the sea floor, 47 metres below the surface.
Tenders are invited for 1 Fabricating Installation And Commissioning Of Iron Cage For Housing Dg Set Electrical Panel And Solar Panel in connection with Maintenance Operation electrical installation And Fans At Dsc Line Q Block Mod New Delhi 2 Maintenance Operation electrical installation And Fans At Army Wireless Ridge Road New Delhi 3 Maintenance Operation electrical installation And Fans At E And G Block Mod New Delhi
Looking for adventure, the girls end up trapped in a rusty iron cage on the sea floor 47 metres below the surface.
The source went on to say that the ISIL terrorists tied the hands of the arrested civilians and jailed them in a iron cage, then poured oil on them and set fire to them.
Her topics are discretion as an interdisciplinary concept, unforeseen openings in the iron cage of actuarial justice and "exceptional" control, ethnic profiling as a means to undermine justice intentionally, and bringing it all together and looking ahead.
Even if people in Kunduz were in an iron cage -- safe from artillery gun fire -- they would die, he said.
We cannot totally blame them because our experiment in democracy has proven to be a trap that further solidifies the iron cage of poverty and unequal opportunities.
One of the gallery's exhibitions in 1972 was on the execution of miner William Jobling in 1832, the last man to be hung and gibbeted in England and whose body was displayed in an iron cage on Jarrow Slake.
Even more controversially, in 2010, the Gurgaon wildlife department provided a farmhouse owner with an iron cage to trap wild animals in the wake of complaints from him that a leopard ate up his dog.
He had placed it inside an iron cage, went to the house of his friend, who brought petrol which they poured onto the cage before setting it on fire.
He had been arrested in connection with a clip posted on the Internet showing him setting alight a cat trapped in an iron cage.
The coalition has been spurred to boost its action following the murder of a captured Jordanian pilot, who was said to have been burned alive in an iron cage, in an action which Kerry called "a new level of depravity".
Western leaders were caught up in what sociologist Daniel Rittercalled"the iron cage of liberalism".
Egyptian television footage from earlier in the day had shown a glass compartment within the iron cage at the hall where the sessions are to be held.
Among his perspectives are the iron cage of rationality, the delights of thoughtlessness, metaphor and dogma, and the manufacturing of law.