iron boot

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an instrument of torture that is used to heat or crush the foot and leg

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BOOTIFUL Cast iron boot scraper by Dibor, PS28, Not on the High
The clampers seem to be of an unusually humane frame of mind, dishing out warning windscreen stickers before the dreaded iron boot goes on.
at dusk as thousands of horses' hoofs and thousands of iron boots tramped forward they struck tiny sparks from the stones, but the horses and the men who made the sparks were invisible.
One of two Chinese iron shoe wearers to share a Guinness World Record for walking 10 metres backwards in heavyweight iron boots is Zhang Zhenghui from Changsha.
Stuntman and illusionist David Blaine's latest trick involves chain mail, iron boots and one million volts of electricity.
Despite wearing spike-clad iron boots, the buck-toothed demons were said to be too fast to outrun and so the only way to escape one was to quote a passage from the Bible.
He should go away, put on a pair of iron boots and jog around the roads of Leitrim for the rest of his life.
At the Water Temple level, for example, you have to keep going up and down in the water, putting your iron boots on and off.